A Spooky Good Time – Our Top 5 Halloween Scratch Offs

By: Jared James, Founder
Bones of Hand Holding Cash

Hey there, all you Halloween lovers and lottery fans! It’s that super cool time of the year when Halloween and scratch-off games join forces to bring us spooktacular fun. These games are full of ghosts, ghouls, and the chance to win big prizes.

In this post, we looked at all 31 Halloween themed lottery games across the US. We’re going to take you on a stroll through our top five favorite scratch-offs.

You’re in for a treat.  So, grab your favorite candy, turn the lights down, and join us on this fun voyage into the world of Halloween scratch-off games.

Number 5: “Make Me Witch” – $5 Pennsylvania Lottery

PA Lottery Make Me Witch Scratch Off Ticket

Our list starts with “Make Me Witch” from the PA Lottery. The design of this game is just pure fun, with a cartoonish witch flying through a spooky forest and under the moon. It instantly puts you in a trick-or-treating mood.

It’s super easy to play because you only need to match numbers, and there are fun bonus symbols like brooms and witch hats for more ways to win.

Plus, at only $5 a ticket and odds of 1 in 4.23, it’s a must-try game this Halloween.

Number 4: “Chills & Bills” – $5 Washington Lottery

Washington Lottery CHILLS & BILLS (100) Scratch Off Game

Chills & Bills” is our number four pick, and it’s from the Washington Lottery. This game was one of the few that went a spooky design, which we think makes it even more fun.

What’s really great is there are still three big prizes of $50,000 up for grabs, and it’s been a while since someone won. Our data shows the chances of winning have improved a lot, and with over 600,000 tickets sold since the last claim, this game has a chance to give you goosebumps in more ways than one.

Number 3: “Ghostbusters” – $5 Michigan Lottery

MI Lottery Ghostbusters Scratch Off Ticket

You might think “Ghostbusters” isn’t exactly a Halloween themed game, but we couldn’t resist putting it on our list. It’s based on the famous movie, and even includes Slimer and Ecto-1 for more ways to win.

Slimer can make any game awesome, and this one is perfect for fans of the movie. Who you gonna call for some Halloween fun? Ghostbusters!

Number 2: “Holiday Pac-Man” – $5 West Virginia

West Virginia Lottery HOLIDAY PAC-MAN Scratch Off Game

Pac-Man games are not new to the scratch-off scene, but this one is special because it ties the game we all love to Halloween. The design is easy to follow, and it has those nostalgic graphics that we can’t resist.

West Virginia actually had five Halloween games, but “Holiday Pac-Man” was our favorite. Get ready to gobble up some fun like Pac-Man!

Number 1: “Zombie Cash” – $2 New Hampshire

NH Hampshire Lottery Zombie Cash Scratch Off Ticket

And now, for the grand finale! “Zombie Cash” is our absolute favorite Halloween game. It’s unique and super fun with a cute bunny and duck turning into zombies. Plus, it has a bonus symbol called “Brains” that can win you $25 instantly.

The design is fantastic, and it’s just so much fun to play. This game is a winner in every way!

So, as Halloween gets closer, don’t forget to check out these five fantastic scratch-off games. They’re all about fun, excitement, and the chance to win some awesome prizes.

Get into the Halloween spirit, play these games, and may your tickets be filled with treats, not tricks! Have a blast scratching, and may the good luck ghosts be with you. Happy Halloween!