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Promote to your friends, family, co-workers, on social media groups or to customers! Everyone is a potential referral waiting to earn you cash!

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Commission Schedule

Commissions paid on or about the 5th business day of the month following your referral’s first paid month.

Referral Joins

January 15th

User Completes Paid Month

February 15th

You Get Paid!

March 5th

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Referral Commission Fees

Unlimited earnings potential! You could boost your monthly income by just referring people you meet.

SubscriptionPercentageCurrent Example
Monthly - Single State40%$4.95 Monthly Fee X 70% = $3.46 per referral
Monthly - Multi State40%$9.95 Monthly Fee X 70% = $6.97 per referral
Annual - Single State40%$49.95 Monthly Fee X 25% = $12.49 per referral
Annual - Multi State40%$99.95 Monthly Fee X 25% = $24.99 per referral

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