The Best NFL Betting Site in the US for 2022

By: Jared James, Founder
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Come fall, weekends hold a special place in the hearts of sports fans around the world. After all, Thursdays, Sundays and Mondays are loaded with thrilling NFL action!

Each weekend, millions of dollars change hands through bets made on the various matchups.

NFL betting is exciting, but to protect yourself and bankroll, you should only wager with licensed NFL betting websites.

In the US, our hands down favorite is BetMGM.

BetMGM – The Best Online NFL Betting Platform in the US

BetMGM was created in 2018, but quickly become one of the best NFL betting sites in the US. The company excels across the board with a variety of betting options, reliable interface and helpful customer service.

They provide everything you deserve in an exceptional betting experience.

Is BetMGM Legally Providing NFL Football Betting?

Let’s start with probably the most important factor to consider when choosing a reputable betting site. BetMGM is one of the few sites authorized to allow gamblers to bet on NFL games.

The company is licensed in more than 20 states to provide gambling services, making it one of the few that has managed such an impressive feat.

BetMGM Legal States

Easy, Straightforward Betting Interface

The simple, online betting interface of the BetMGM platform allows all players to enjoy gambling on their favorite events without needing a specific NFL betting app.

The easy to follow platform lets you make a bet in seconds so you never miss out on the action.

If you prefer apps, the BetMGM app is second to none in terms of ease of use and security.

Leading NFL Football Odds

BetMGM is among the gambling platforms in the US that offer the highest NFL game odds in the market.

If picking game odds aren’t your style or you want to try other wagers, BetMGM offers money line bets, futures, and player props. It offers a vast selection of NFL parlay picks and NFL futures to choose from.

Great Live Betting Section

Pro football wagers as well as other sports can be booked while a game is happening live using the BetMGM live betting section. It’s perfectly tailored for the dynamic nature of the sport, helping bettors tag along with all the action successfully and making updated wagers throughout the game.

Easier Betting on Player Props With Live Updates

All NFL prop bets are now a piece of cake for all the loyal customers of BetMGM. There are live updates on all major football events, allowing bettors to draw conclusions in real-time and make updated NFL player prop bets based on live action.

Expert Tips

Check State Availability

NFL betting isn’t legal in all areas of the US. Make sure to check if MGM NFL odds are available in your state.

Limit Games

Players new to betting should try to limit bets to a single game or two at a time. Tracking information across several games can be difficult to recall what outcomes you are rooting for and take away from the fun of betting.

Most Exciting NFL Betting Types

One of the things that makes BetMGM one of the best sites to place American football bets is the diversity of betting types.

You can choose from a variety of bets on the NFL betting site. For your convenience, we will list some of the most exciting ones for you:

  • NFL Player Props – Betting on a specific player’s performance
  • Teasers – Two or more selections with an adjusted point spread
  • One Game Parlay – Making multiple bets on the same game within one betting slip
  • Parlay Plus – BetMGM Exclusive that boosts potential parlay payouts!
  • Parlay Insurance – Gives back a portion of your stake if certain conditions are met

An NFL Betting Site Alternative – Bovada

If you aren’t sold on BetMGM yet, you can read our in-depth review for more info.

Or if you are looking for another flexible gambling experience, the company behind BetMGM, has also created the Bovada NFL platform. You can expect another reputable site that provides top-notch service.

The Bovada has been around since 2011 and was one of the first to begin posting pro football odds online. Bovada NFL lines can best other US betting sites in some areas.

On top of that, Bovada also stands out with generous bonuses and an exceptional customer support team.

Join the Ultimate Football Betting Experience

If you want to enjoy NFL betting online, there is hardly a better place than BetMGM at the moment. The site is already established in the industry and offers the most diversified network of betting selections you can come across.

We also can’t miss mentioning the straightforward betting interface, live streaming, and various exciting features like the same game parlay.

These will give you more freedom when choosing how to utilize the opportunities that present themselves from the dynamic nature of American football.

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  • Is Bovada legal in the United States?

    Yes, Bovada is currently legal in 45 of all the 50 states in the country.

  • Which is the most profitable betting feature of BetMGM?

    When used correctly, the same game parlay can genuinely prove to be the most profitable feature of BetMGM you could use.

  • Can I really claim $1,000 in bonus funds when I join BetMGM?

    Of course! You just need to use our bonus code “LOTTOEDGE” and deposit the maximum required amount.


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