Is BetMGM Legal in Illinois?

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Heck Yea it is! Not only is BetMGM legal in Illinois, we’re going to show you what games you can play, how to use the BEST Bonus Code and answer all your other questions.

As a resident of Illinois, you are probably quite familiar with the gambling world. Sports betting in the state ranks fourth in the US by revenue. And that’s without even counting online gambling… until now.

As of May 5, 2022, you can legally place online bets within Illinois. With legalization, one of the leading gaming companies in the US, BetMGM, became a licensed operator and completed the launch of BetMGM Illinois short after.

Being one of the few licensed gambling operators in IL is more than enough to earn our trust. However, they also holds licenses in more than 15 other states. That isn’t something accomplished if you aren’t providing a safe and honest gambling services, right?

What Online Games Can You Play With BetMGM?

One of the significant perks of Bet MGM Illinois is that it offers quite a selection of gambling options to enjoy. No matter what gaming experience you are after, there will always be something new to explore. But what do we mean? Let us show you.


The MGM sportsbook Illinois is the place where sports lovers will enjoy your time gaming. That’s because the site offers all the leading sports including NFL, College Football, NBA, College Basketball, MLB, Golf, and even the thrill of NASCAR!

Of course, they make it easy to bet on your favorite teams like the Cubs, Bulls, or Bears. And the best thing about the BetMGM sportsbook is the extensive betting selection of bets FOR EACH GAME. Your bets are limited to just picking a winner.

BetMGM Il Nascar Sportsbook

Here, you can check out an example of a Nascar event available for betting. Although this is not a sport where you can typically explore too many betting options, diversity is a fact at BetMGM.

Talking about popular sports and extensive betting markets, we can’t miss out on the incredible College Football gaming selections.

BetMGM NCAA Sportsbook





Just in one weekend of College Football, you can choose between betting on close to 100 events! As you can see, these match-ups also have lots of selections where you can find value picks.

Expert Tip


Always check out all available betting options. There often are hidden gems of value in less popular bets!


For the most part, sports betting is more than enough to satisfy even the biggest thrill-chasers. However, we still can’t neglect saying BetMGM Illinois doesn’t currently provide casino gaming. We haven’t heard news from the company, but we know once it is legalized in the state of Illinois, MGM will one of the first to offer online casino wagering.

Until then, we suggest exploring the fantastic selection of sports betting options, especially with the help of our exclusive bonus – the Bet MGM $1,000 Risk Free Bet. So use our promo code and set yourself up for action with an enormous free bet of up to $1,000!

Expert Tip


Don’t be tempted to play illegal casino games on unlicensed websites. BetMGM keeps on top of the latest Illinois rules & regulations. Enjoy their incredible betting selection and stick with a reputable platform.

App & Website Usability

We needed just a few minutes to conclude that the BetMGM Illinois app is easily among the best in the gambling industry. The core issue with mobile gaming is that it’s more complicated than on desktop. Have you tried to place bets on a much smaller screen? With other sites, its near impossible.

Fortunately, this is not the case with the Bet MGM app. You can quickly download it for Android and iOS, knowing its one of the most accessible platforms to place bets online.

BetMGM App

As you can see from our example above, the app allows you to easily find the most trending events and betting options.

BetMGM App Screenshot

And within a few screen taps, choosing your bets and placing your bet slip is effortless. The BetMGM Illinois login is also very straightforward. From the Android app, you have to enter your unique details to access your account. However, the iOS app implements face recognition, for much faster access.


No matter what type of bettor you are, you know having a significant bankroll isn’t a bad thing. But let’s face it. Most players are not comfortable depositing large amounts into an online sportsbook.  And that could be leaving money on the table. But that only applies if you are using an initial deposit bonus code.

With a first time deposit bonus, you can deposit as little as $10, and double that amount up with some risk free bets.  With BetMGM IL, any amount you make in your initial deposit will have a 100% match up to $1,000.

You can use the BETMGM Illinois bonus code of “LOTTOEDGE” and double up your bankroll with some risk free bets, up to $1,000, on the house.

Expert Tip


Use your free bet on a betting slip with higher odds. That’s how the risk-reward ratio will be worth it, and you can bank enormous profits out without the risk.

Customer Support

Customer support is an essential part of every online gambling site nowadays. Although BetMGM is definitely among the best in the US, we had to check out how the support performs in Illinois.

And the result wasn’t surprising at all. We pretended to face quite a few issues as a new players. We used live chat support, and the agents responded quickly, like always. On top of that, they seemed pretty knowledgeable regarding the various features and rules of the BetMGM platform.

The other thing that impressed us quite a lot in Bet MGM Illinois is the very detailed FAQ section. There, you can check out tens of frequent questions that cover various problems you might face at the beginning of your betting journey. But of course, if you still can’t find a proper solution, you can always rely on live chat support.

Expert Tip


If you are short on time, it’s always quicker to contact the live chat support directly so that you can resolve your issue.

Online Reviews

When talking about a reliable platform, licensed in many US states, you expect overall positive online reviews. But how will you react if we told you this is not the case with BetMGM? It’s true.

When we researched the online reviews on sites like TrustPilot or BBB, they were overwhelmingly negative.

BetMGM IL Reviews
That left us as baffled as we know BetMGM is a gambling site that has earned the trust of millions. So, we dove a bit deeper into exploring all the reviews left by players.

BetMGM Customer Review

As you can see from the review above, this player stated that all games on the platform are scams and the results aren’t fair. That unfortunately is a biased opinion and not facts. After all, BetMGM Illinois is licensed by the state gaming commission. This means all games on the site are  audited and deemed 100% fair.

And most of the reviews we came across were very similar. This points out that, in a way, some players aren’t enjoying the perks of sports betting. Instead, they are getting influenced by the natural ups and downs of online gambling.

Commonly Asked Questions by Players

  • Is BetMGM legal in Illinois?

    Yes! Since May 5, 2022, you can legally place bets from the BetMGM Illinois app or on the desktop website.

  • Can I play casino games in Bet MGM Illinois?

    Unfortunately, the casino section of the site still isn’t available in the state of Illinois. But we believe this will change in the future.

  • What is the minimum age required to bet in BetMGM Illinois legally?

    You must be at least 21 years old to place bets on the MGM Illinois platform.

  • Can I place bets on college sports on the BetMGM Illinois platform?

    Of course. The MGM platform offers an incredible selection of college sports events, including some of the most popular NCAAF and NCAAB.

Conclusion: Getting The Best Out of BetMGM Illinois

BetMGM – one of the best online gambling platforms in the US, is finally legal in Illinois. This is fantastic news for many players who couldn’t place bets online before that. In addition, the platform comes with one of the most diversified betting selections, including more than twenty sports.

Aside from that, you can easily pick among hundreds of betting markets, even in the lower division college events. This presents valuable opportunities that can be exploited, especially if you use our unique BetMGM Illinois bonus code “LOTTOEDGE” to get a free bet worth up to $1,000!

You can easily make the best out of this offer by trying out the parlay feature of the BetMGM platform, allowing you to combine quite a few betting selections. If you are lucky, you can quickly turn your $1,000 free bet into some serious cash. Ready to join the action? Use our bonus code and pick your best betting selections.