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By: Jared James, Founder
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The King of Sportsbooks has done it again. Constantly bringing innovation to the world of online betting.

BetMGM announced an exclusive partnership with Buffalo Wild Wings (aka BWW) to bring your betting experience to a new level.

But Isn’t Just Betting From Home Better?

Since its introduction, online sports betting has been a thrilling experience players can enjoy anywhere. Many prefer betting from the comfort of their home, away from the crowded sports bars around the country.

There is nothing wrong with that. Some people don’t want to be around others when they have money on the line. But have you considered you might be limiting yourself just betting from home?

We might not know the solution immediately, but some establishments are on the right track to create unique betting experiences outside the home. One particular partnership between two industry giants in the US is preparing to change the online gambling world.

BetMGM and Buffalo Wild Wings – A Revolutionary Partnership

At first sight, there isn’t much common ground between BetMGM and Buffalo Wild Wings. The first one is an established iGaming operator that provides online gambling services.

The other is a franchise of sports bars that named itself after the menu. So, the only common thing between the two companies is sports. But it seems this was enough for them to establish a revolutionary partnership.

As of March 2021, BetMGM and BWW created the unique BetMGM Buffalo Wild Wings setting. The goal is to encourage players to leave their homes and enjoy betting to the fullest in a customized and more dynamic environment.

BetMGM Mobile Betting Made Social

Of course, you don’t think many players would leave the comfort of their homes to go betting in a crowded sports bar, unless they had a reason. But that is exactly what this gambling partnership is aiming to do.

By providing a unique environment solely for sports betting, players can now link up and share tips and knowledge while closely following the most popular events live, in-restaurant.

And that’s not all there is to it. Players will have all the tools they need to make the best bets, utilizing an exceptional multi-screen experience. Aside from being able to follow a few events at a time, they will also have access to BetMGM odds feeds, daily fantasy sports tips, free app games, and even exclusive weekly and customized promotions.

Expert Tips


Everyone is watching and betting on sports. Pick up tips & insights from other knowledgable players.

Exploiting the Buffalo Wild Wings Betting Bonus System

To take advantage of all the promotional offers that Bet MGM Buffalo Wild Wings offer, you must be physically present at one of the BWW franchise locations. But you might be wondering how they would know that.

Through the BetMGM app, the two companies use an innovative geolocation feature. So, once you set foot on one of the BWW sports bars, you can immediately access all the customized offers, games, and insights.

Join BetMGM Before Your Next Trip to Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings sports betting will undoubtedly offer you many opportunities to enjoy the best gambling experience outside of Vegas. However, do you believe you can successfully utilize all the tools they provide if you join BetMGM on the spot? There is a better approach you can take.

Joining BetMGM now and becoming familiar with the platform and the different sports selections, odds, and live betting interface will make you ready for game day. And while you are at it, you can learn more about how bonuses on the site work. For example, you can use our promo code “LOTTOEDGE” to get matched with the best welcome offers available!

Then, you can go to Buffalo Wild Wings BetMGM and efficiently engage and share opinions with the other players. In a setting with like-minded individuals, the opportunities are limitless!


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