Carolina Cash 5: THE Guide

Carolina Cash 5 Winners

Check out the luckiest stores around North Carolina for Carolina Cash 5 prizes $600 and up!  Map reflects prizes claimed for the last 12 months through March 2020.

If you play NC Cash 5 or are interested in learning, we've got the definitive guide for you

Want to know the last night's numbers, who won big, the odds of winning or even how to play?  We got you covered!

Lotto Edge is dedicated to being the most helpful resource for NC Lottery players which is why we created this quick reference guide for both seasoned and new players of Carolina Cash 5.  

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1) Carolina Cash 5 Drawing Time

Game Information

Draw Dates


Draw Times

11:22 pm EST

Sales Cut-Off Time

10:59 pm EST

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2) Game Information

Carolina Cash 5, or as commonly referred, NC Cash 5,  was first introduced to the state on October 27, 2006 and represented about 2.5% of NC Lottery ticket sales for FY2018.  

In the most recent fiscal year, NC Cash 5 was one of just two NC Lottery games that experienced a sales decline.  

North Carolina residents spent $6.29 per capita (average across all residents) on Carolina Cash 5 in the most recent fiscal year.  However, looking at just 18+ residents (eligible players), North Carolina residents spent an average of $8.15 per year on Carolina Cash 5.

Game Information

Ticket Price


Overall Odds

1 in 10.51


Yes.  Up to 28 times.

Quick Pick


EZ Match

$1 Each

Sales per NC Resident


Sale per NC Resident (18+)


3) How to Play NC Cash 5

Step 1:  Pick five numbers from 1 to 43

Step 2: Decide if you will add the EZ Match for $1.  Read more about EZ Match below.

Step 3: Choose to play 1 time or up to 28 consecutive draws (known as multi-draw)

That's it!  Really easy to play.  Now how do you win money?  

The reference table below shows how each prize is won and the odds of winning.  Since EZ Match is a separate instant game tied to Carolina Cash 5, the odds are shown separately.

4) NC Cash 5 Payout & Odds


Prize Payout


5 Balls

Pari-mutuel (min $100,000)

1 in 962,598

4 Balls


1 in 5,066

3 Balls


1 in 136.9

2 Balls


1 in 11.41

*Prize may become pari-mutuel under certain conditions.

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5) Carolina Cash 5 EZ Match Explained

So, what is the EZ Match?  EZ Match is an instant game you can play that is printed on your NC Cash 5 play slip.  It costs $1 additional per set of NC Cash 5 numbers played.  

On your play slip, you will see a list of five EZ Match numbers.  If any of those numbers MATCH your Cash 5 playing numbers, you win the prize amount shown next to the EZ Match number.

Pretty simple and fun instant game.  The overall odds of winning on an EZ Match are 1 in 4.71, which is on par with some of the best NC $1 scratch-off odds.  

However, if you are looking to hit big with the $500 or $250 top prizes, you might be better off skipping the EZ Match and playing that extra $1 on another Cash 5 ticket or even another game.

EZ Match Prize

EZ Match Odds

Compared to

NC Cash 5 Odds


1 in 84,000



1 in 84,000

1 in 5,066


1 in 12,000



1 in 3,360



1 in 1,120



1 in 131.25



1 in 168

1 in 136.9


1 in 78.50



1 in 14.00



1 in 9.42


6) Terminology

Sometimes game information can be confusing.  We created a brief overview of some of the common terms used in Carolina Cash 5 that you should be familiar.

  • Pari-mutuel
  • quick pick (QP)
  • Multi-draw

Pari-mutuel is a payout method that splits the total available prize money for a particular prize level between all winners of that prize level.

In Carolina Cash 5, the top prize is set with a minimum of $100,00 and will grow if there are no winners.  However, in the event more than one person wins the jackpot, the top prize will be split among the winners.

Additionally, the second tier prize of $250 may become pari-mutuel if the number of winning tickets exceeds the expected number of winning tickets for that prize level.

7) FAQs

What days are drawings held?

Can Carolina Cash 5 tickets be canceled?

What is the deadline for claiming a Carolina Cash 5 prize?

Is the top prize paid as a lump sum or an annuity?

What if I lose my ticket?

Do I pay taxes on my lottery winnings?

Can you explain what the odds mean?

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