How to Bet On UFC Fights 101 – Best Sites, Odds Explained

By: Jared James, Founder
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Mixed Martial Arts and the UFC league have exploded in popularity in the last decade, which is why most sports betting sites now include this sport as a top option for betters. For fans of MMA, placing bets on favorite fighters is a great way to have fun and rake in some cash.

For those new to this – we’ve made a quick start guide to betting on MMA. We’ve ranked and rated the best UFC betting sites for you and created a guide on how MMA odds work to help you decide which UFC matches are worth betting on.

How to Bet on UFC Fights Online

Betting on UFC, Bellator, or any Mixed Martial Arts in general works the same as most sports. You pick a reputable and popular site, choose which fight you’d like to bet on, and put money on who you think will win.

Everything becomes a little more complicated when you’re looking to maximize odds and not just bet on your favorite fighter. Some rules and odds factor into your payout.

UFC Odds Explained

Compared to betting options for other popular sports, MMA betting is still pretty basic. If you enjoy betting on boxing, you’ll enjoy betting on UFC fights.

The most popular way to bet MMA odds is to simply put money on the projected winner of the bout. But there’s more than one way to do that and you’ll need to understand how to read the odds.

UFC Moneyline Betting

Basic MMA moneyline bets are straightforward. Like most sports, oddsmakers will decide on a favorite to win and an underdog. You can bet on the projected winner, but the best payouts happen when you bet on the projected loser, and they win – so it’s all about strategy.

Let’s look at the odds for an upcoming UFC FightNight, where Sergey Spivak and Derrick Lewis are the main card event. The current odds (according to Bet MGM) for the favorite, Spivak, are set at -185, and the odds for Lewis are +160.

If you bet $100 on Spivak and he wins, you’ll get $154. Your profit here is just about $54. On the other hand, if you bet $100 on Lewis, you’ll receive a payout of $260, with $160 of that being pure profit.

Pro Tip

Calculate Your Own Payouts (Negative Odds)

To determine the payout of negative odds, simply divide 100 by the odds, then multiply by your bet amount. From above, 100/185 (ignore the “-” sign) is 0.5404. Then times that by our $100 bet and our profit is $54.

Calculate Your Own Payouts (Positive Odds)

To determine the payout of positive odds, divide the odds by 100, then multiply by your bet amount. From above, 160/100 (ignore the “+” sign) is 1.6. Then times that by our $100 bet and our profit is $160.

UFC Parlay Wagers

A UFC parlay bet involves wagering on multiple outcomes. To win, all your outcomes must turn out correctly. For example, you can bet on three or four fights on a UFC card, and if all of your fighters win, you can win a significant amount.

It’s a risky bet, simply due to the probability of being right about multiple fights, but a lot of fun and very profitable if you manage to win.

Best MMA Betting Sites

Depending on your state, you’ll find a bunch of options for reliable UFC sports books. However, not all sportsbooks are the same. Each one will have some variance for betting options, mobile app capabilities, customer service, waiting time for payouts, etc. Here are our top choices for the best UFC betting sites.

1) BetMGM

With tons of options for betting types, BetMGM is a great UFC betting site and has an excellent UFC betting app to go with it. You’ll find dozens of MMA matches to bet on, including UFC and Bellator, with various betting options.

They’re known for excellent customer service, having several deposit methods available, and quick payouts. See our in-depth BetMGM Guide for all the details.

2) DraftKings

Extremely popular with users, DraftKings is purely a sportsbook. They’re focused on providing fun new ways to bet and list over 100 sports you can bet on. DraftKings is secure and reliable, with generally good ratings from its users.

3) Caesar’s

This famous Las Vegas casino is a top MMA betting site and mobile app. You can bet on all the upcoming UFC matches, with plenty of fun betting options. A legit, stable, and secure site, Caesar’s sportsbook is pretty popular with UFC fans.


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