How to Create iPhone Home Screen Icon for Lotto Edge

By: Lotto Edge

We created a short video to show you how to add an application icon to your iPhone’s home page that directly links to

This hack actually works with any website.

If you prefer to use written instructions, just scroll down for our step by step guide.

Step by Step Guide to Creating iPhone home screen icon

Step 1 – Launch your Safari web browser on our iphone.  The Safari browser icon looks like this.


iPhone Safari Browser Icon

Step 2 – Go to and click the my account button to login.  The my account looks like a little person.


Lotto Edge My Account Login

Step 3 – Log into your Lotto Edge account.  Check the box for “Remember me” to stay logged in each time.  This will save you time logging in each time you launch your app icon.


Lotto Edge Login Screen

Step 4 – Navigate over to the Scratcher Strategy page because that is the page where we want quick access.  

You can find the Scratcher Strategy page by clicking the 3 line menu bar at the top right corner of the screen.

Lotto Edge My Account Screen

 Then select Scratcher Strategies.

Lotto Edge Mobile Menu

Step 5 – Look at the bottom of your iPhone screen to find the little square with an arrow pointing out of the top. Click that button.


iPhone Menu Icon

Step 6 – You should now see a new submenu similar to the one shown below.

iphone Submenu

Step 7 – Scroll to the right on the submenu until you see a gray box with a plus sign inside it.  It says “Add to Home Screen”.  That’s the button we want to click.

iphone Add to home screen

Step 8 – After clicking Add to Home Screen, we have the option to rename our new link.  You can shorten the name to just “Lotto Edge” or leave it as is.  

Once you’re done renaming it, just click click the Add button.

Rename Home Screen Icon Success!  You have a shortcut link right to Lotto Edge’s scratcher strategies on your iPhone home screen. iphone home screen icon added Pretty cool hack, right?
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