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By: Jared James, Founder

Online gambling can be intimidating. Let’s be honest. Not everyone who bets online is going to be profitable, especially without prior experience. And that’s especially true with sports betting and other games of chance that are being legalized across the United States.

Most players don’t necessarily know how to exploit these games. They want to try them out of curiosity and to have a little extra fun on game day. Having ANY amount riding on a game takes watching sports to a whole new level.

We know a lot of players aren’t ready to risk big bucks for some fun and entertainment.

This is where popular minimum and no deposit betting sites come into play.

What is a Minimum Deposit?

Most sites in the online gambling industry have a fixed amount that is the lowest a player can deposit at a time.  This is called a minimum deposit.

You aren’t able to make live bets on these platforms if you don’t deposit an amount equal to or over this minimum amount.

In the US, sports betting minimum deposits usually means you have to fund your account with at least $10.

Although this is not a significant amount, we understand there will be some players who aren’t comfortable wagering any amount, especially if they are new to gambling online.

And that’s okay. If you consider yourself a beginner, there is another opportunity you can take.

Betting Sites With No Minimum Deposit

There are actually some betting websites with no minimum deposit required. However, we don’t necessarily advise getting involved with them.

Some of these platforms try to attract as many players as possible with promises of no minimum deposit sports betting; however, the quality and reputation of the site may be questionable. You may have problems collecting your winnings and if you decide to play with real money, they often are not legal or regulated in the US.

If you want to enjoy some fun with sports betting, your best alternative lies elsewhere. You’ll thank us later!

Its Worth Making a Small Deposit!

The best thing you can do if you want to try sports betting is to go with a trusted and regulated platform that offers low deposit amounts. Undoubtedly, one of those is BetMGM.

Founded in 2018, the company has become one of the leaders in the online gambling industry, already licensed by more than 20 different states.

Bet MGM offers online sports betting with a minimum deposit of only $10. So, of course, you won’t be enjoying a betting app with no minimum deposit, but you will have the chance to try out the newest sports betting markets in the world with the peace of mind you will be paid your winnings.

And did we mention, the MIMIUM BET IS ONLY $0.50!!!  Your $10 minimum deposit at BetMGM can last you a whole season.

Get the Most Out of Your First Deposit

Trying out the features of the online betting sites with no minimum deposit might seem like a fantastic opportunity but they come with risks. However, sites like BetMGM.com that have deposit minimums often offer first time deposit bonuses to help you get started.

At BetMGM, they offer new players a very attractive welcome bonus offer.

With our unique code “LOTTOEDGE”, you will receive a the best current welcome offer available!

Should I Make a Deposit if I Want to Bet on Sports?

Online sports betting with no minimum deposit can be fun but can come with risks if you try to withdraw your winnings or decide to play for real money.

However, you can do much more by exploiting the enormous available welcome bonus offer of up to $1,000 with your first deposit and have peace of mind that your wagers are backed by a reputable company like BetMGM.

If you genuinely want a thrilling sporting experience, use our code “LOTTOEDGE”. It will give you the best current welcome offer available!


  • Are there any sports betting sites with no minimum deposit in the USA?

    Yes, some platforms offer bets online with no minimum deposit. However, they often are not regulated nor among the most trusted. We recommend avoid unregulated operators.

  • Does BetMGM have a betting app with no minimum deposit?

    Unfortunately, no. However, the minimum deposit with the BetMGM betting app is only $10. Plus bets can be made for as little as $0.50. Your minimum deposit can last a full season.

  • Can I get a bonus by playing on a betting site with a minimum deposit requirement?

    Yes. Many legitimate sites that require minimum deposits will also offer a welcome bonus. We recommend using our promo code “LOTTOEDGE” at BetMGM.com to receive the best current welcome offer available.


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