NC Lucky for Life

NC Lucky for Life Winners

Check out the luckiest stores around North Carolina for NC Lucky for Life prizes $600 and up!  Map reflects prizes claimed for the last 12 months through March 2020.

We created a quick reference guide for both seasoned and new players of North Carolina Lucky for Life.  Feel free to jump around with the quick navigation below.

1) Game Information

The North Carolina Lucky for Life,  also known as Lucky 4 Life, was first introduced to the state on February 8, 2016 and represented about 0.7% of NC Lottery ticket sales for FY2018.  In the most recent fiscal year, the NC Lucky for Life Lottery game was one of just two NC Lottery games that experienced a sales decline.

In fiscal year 2018, North Carolina residents spent $1.85 per capita (average across all residents) on NC Lucky for Life.  However, looking at just 18+ residents (eligible players), North Carolina residents spent an average of $2.39 per year on Lucky for Life.

Game Information

Ticket Price


Overall Odds

1 in 7.77


Yes.  Up to 26 times.

Quick Pick


Draw Dates

Monday & Thursday

Draw Times

11:45 pm EST

Sales Cut-Off Time

9:30 pm EST

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2) How to Play

Step 1:  Pick five numbers from 1 to 48

Step 2: Pick a Lucky Ball number from 1 to 18

Step 3: Choose to play 1 time or consecutive draws (known as multi-draw)

That's it!  Really easy to play.  Now how do you win money?  

The reference table below shows how each prize is won and the odds of winning.

3) NC Lucky for Life Prizes & Odds

Lucky for Life Odds Chart




Overall Odds 1 in 10.51

5 Balls + LB

$1,000/day for life*

1 in 30,821,472

5 Balls

$25,000/year for life*

1 in 1,813,028

4 Balls + LB


1 in 143,356

4 Balls


1 in 8,433

3 Balls + LB


1 in 3,413

3 Balls


1 in 201

2 Balls + LB


1 in 250

2 Balls


1 in 15

1 Ball + LB


1 in 50

0 Balls + LB


1 in 32

*Prizes are guaranteed for a minimum for 20 years.  Prizes may become pari-mutuel (shared equally among all winders of the prize tier) under certain conditions.

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4) Terminology

Sometimes game information can be confusing.  We created a brief overview of some of the common terms used in Lucky for Life that you should be familiar.

  • Pari-mutuel
  • quick pick (QP)
  • Multi-draw

Pari-mutuel is a payout method that splits the total available prize money for a particular prize level between all winners of that prize level.

In Lucky for Life, the top two prizes may become pari-mutuel if the number of winning tickets exceeds the expected number of winning tickets for that prize level.

5) FAQs

What days are drawings held?

How can I watch the drawings?

What is considered "For Life"?

Can I use a playslip from another Lucky for Life state?

What is the deadline for claiming a Lucky for Life prize?

Can I get a lump sum payment fro the "For Life" prizes?

Can Lucky for Life tickets be canceled?

What if I lose my ticket?

Do I pay taxes on my lottery winnings?

What is an exchange ticket?

Can you explain what the odds mean?

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