Essential Worker in MD Cashes in on $20.2k Scratch Off Prize

By: LottoEdge

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Now that’s what we call a tip!

A 39-year-old restaurant worker was shocked into silence when he discovered he’d won the top prize of $20,200 from his Maryland Lottery 2020 Cash scratch off ticket!

When interviewed, the excited player shared that he’s always had a sense that he would win big, and now he feels like that’s become a reality. No kidding! Apparently, it was a typical evening in his home with his fiance bathing their little one as he was chatting with her from around the corner and scratching his ticket. As he began to realize he had won – big! – he was literally stunned into silence. He didn’t even need to check the scratch off codes! He recalls hearing his spouse call his name repeatedly, alarmed that he quit talking mid-sentence. He finally caught his breath and whispered, “This might be big.”

Might be big indeed – $20k big!

The lucky family purchased their ticket from Belair Liquors, located at 7631 Belair Road in Nottingham, MD. They plan to add the funds to their down payment fund for their first home. We wish them all the best on their house hunt!

MD Lottery 2020 Cash Scratch Off

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2020 Cash from Maryland Lottery launched in late 2019. There are six top prizes of $20.2k remaining, and 212 have already been claimed as of the writing of this story. Prizes range from $20 up to the grand prize of $20,200.

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