Feeling Pretty in Pink: MD Extreme Cash Scratch Off Nets Woman 100k

By: LottoEdge

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MD Lottery $100k Extreme Cash Winner

Turning $30 into $100k has never been so easy!

One lucky player in Calvert County got the surprise of a lifetime when she unveiled a golden coin on Maryland Lottery’s $100k Extreme Cash Scratch Off game.

The 60-year-old woman, who has chosen to remain anonymous, purchased the colorful pink scratch off ticket from the local Wawa store #591 at 305 Market Square Drive in Prince Frederick, MD. During a quick interview, she shared her shock and amazement at having even uncovered the gold coin while scratching the ticket. After revealing the golden coin, she feverishly scratched the prize box to reveal that it wasn’t just any prize she’d won, but the top prize. She was holding a ticket worth 100k!

Turning a $30 purchase into $100k in a matter of minutes – not too bad for a quick trip to the corner market! We’re pretty sure that will cover her Wawa stops for the next few years, at least.

All jokes aside, there are still 30 of the top 100k prizes left for 100k Extreme Cash players to win. Maryland Lottery launched the scratcher game in September 2020 and has steadily been creating winners since. There are more than 450,000 prizes left to win, ranging from $30 to 100k.

If you’re a Maryland resident, maybe you’d like to add $100,000 Extreme Cash to your list of scratch offs to play. Check out our list of Top 10 Maryland Scratch Offs for other games worth checking out (spoiler alert: 100k Extreme Cash is #1 at the time this article was published)!

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