Lucky Lady wins $300,000 in Michigan Lottery Scratch Off

By: LottoEdge

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Did somebody say…BINGO!?

A 21-year-old woman got the surprise of her life when she won a whopping $300,000 from a Michigan Lottery Bonus Ball Bingo scratch off ticket!

The player, who chose to remain anonymous, is no novice when it comes to Michigan Lottery scratch off games and counts Bonus Ball Bingo as her go-to favorite. An impromptu stop at the Pump ‘N Shop at 5538 West Isabella Rd. in Mount Pleasant after work became a life-changing experience as she uncovered all of card one and realized she may be in store for a giant surprise. “I started scratching the first ticket, and when I realized I uncovered all of card one, I thought, ‘Well, I have never seen this before!’ I couldn’t stop shaking.”

Her excited jitters turned out to be right on the money – literally! The $300,000 grand prize marks the third grand prize claimed to date for Bonus Ball Bingo, leaving three top prizes remaining. She plans to use some of her winnings to buy a house in the near future.

Since its launch in Fall 2020, Bonus Ball Bingo players have won over $22 million combined. Hard to beat the thrill of possibilities at only $5 per ticket! There’s still over $21 million in prizes left for lucky players, including three remaining top prizes of $300,000 each and many smaller prizes.

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