Millionaire Maker Ticket Turns One Lucky Wolverine Into an Instant Millionaire

By: LottoEdge

A Muskegon County woman won a $1 million jackpot playing the Michigan Lottery’s Millionaire Maker II instant game. Like many of the big winners we cover here, initially, she was in disbelief that she’d won. We can see how trading $20 for a ticket called “Millionaire Maker II” and winning $1 million instantly might seem too good to be true. She had to hand off her ticket to a friend for confirmation.

Now that she’s caught her breath, she reports that she plans to save the money. Not a bad idea in this economy, it will certainly make a decent rainy day fund!

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The winner bought her ticket at the Wesco gas station, located on Pontaluna Road in Spring Lake. She visited lottery headquarters recently to claim her prize and elected to receive it as a one-time lump sum of approximately $634K rather than receive an annuity every month over 30 years. Deciding which payout option probably felt overwhelming for this player, too bad we couldn’t point her to our short breakdown of lump sum vs annuity before she chose. But you still have time to check it out in case you’re fortunate enough to find yourself in the position of making that fateful choice someday!

Millionaire Maker II (Millionaire Maker 2) has overall odds of 1:4.25. As of reporting, there are nine top prizes of $1 million remaining as well as many smaller prizes ranging from $40 to $5,000.

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MI Lottery Millionaire Maker II Winning Ticket