Most Interesting Lottery Stories – Week Ending Sept. 17, 2021

By: LottoEdge

Another week of lottery sales means another week of big winners! We’ve compiled a few of our favorite crazy stories from this week for your reading pleasure.

But before we get to that, have you seen the Powerball jackpot and Mega Millions jackpot this week!? Powerball jackpot sits at $457 million (!) and Mega Millions jackpot is close behind at $294.7 million. Find your state on the map to see state and national draw results and more!

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Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, To Disney World We Go

Wouldn’t you just know it? One very lucky grandfather won big in a Massachusetts Lottery instant game last week. When asked what he plans to do with his winnings, he replied that he’ll be taking his seven grandkids to Disney World! Got room for one more, Pops?

Last But Definitely Not Least

One surprised Missouri Lottery player got the shock of her life when she was checking tickets before bed. The very last one turned out to be a big winner. Now that’s a bedtime routine! Think she slept at all that night?

It’s Not a Mystery, It’s 300k

A dedicated regular Michigan Lottery Cashword player bought a ticket after work and knew she’d won right away. Only, she thought she won $100 when in fact, she’d won $300k. Does that count as a double surprise? We think so!

How About You Sleep On It

A North Carolina Lottery player found out his ticket was a $200k winner, but was too shocked to believe it was real. He decided to sleep on it and see if it was still a winner the next day. Turns out it was! What’s more, he intends to give the winnings to his parents. World’s Best Son alert!

30 Must Be Your Lucky Number

A 30 year old man bought a – you guessed it! – $30 scratch off ticket. Much like the Mystery Cashword player, he miscalculated. His family thought he’d won $500. After scanning the ticket in the Michigan Lottery app, they found out he actually won an incredible $4 million. Now there’s a free app that pays for itself!

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