Most Interesting Lottery Stories – Week Ending Sept. 24, 2021

By: LottoEdge

We’ve got another compilation of the most interesting, weird, and just plain wild lottery stories from this week just for you. But before you speed scroll to the fun part – have you seen the Powerball jackpot this week!? It grew AGAIN! It’s sitting over $532 Million. *Insert long whistle here* Come on; you know you were thinking it too!

On Tuesday, some lucky New Yorker bought a ticket with all five Mega Millions numbers from a Pizza joint. That’s $432 Million! One winning ticket – just imagine! Find your state on the map to see local and national draw results and more.

Jacksonville Florida Keeps Pushing Out Big Wins

Florida Lottery’s 200x Cash is on fire this month! A seventh Jacksonville winner is taking home a $1 Million top prize from a mere $20 ticket investment. And, if you’ll recall, since Florida doesn’t have a state income tax, the lump sum payout is generous – a whopping $890k! And guess what? 200x Cash is on the list this month for Florida’s Top 10 Scratch Offs (with the best odds)! If you’re not from the sunshine state, you can check your local Top 10 list by selecting your state.

Do You Want Fries with That?

One lucky restaurant worker in Maryland got a welcome surprise when his 2020 Cash ticket netted him the top prize of 20.2k. He was so surprised that he was stunned into silence long enough that his wife became alarmed. Good thing he could soothe her with a $20k+ prize once he regained his ability to speak!

Sometimes it Pays to be Loyal

A Michigan Lottery player got the surprise of his life when his go-to scratch off game, Red Hot Millions, revealed his lucky numbers. He knew it was a golden ticket; what he couldn’t comprehend was that he’d won $1 million! He was so excited he had to pull over and cool off before he could finish the drive to his wife’s work to tell her they won!

Winning Twice is Extra Nice

What is it about tickets with “million” in the name? They’re really living up to their titles this year. The Virginia Lottery minted one more $1 Million winner via the Extreme Millions scratch off game. But what’s even more phenomenal is it’s this guy’s SECOND big win in less than ten years. How’s that for good fortune!?

When You’re Hot, You’re Hot

The Hot Spot convenience store in Gresham, South Carolina, is on a roll! They’ve sold TWO big winners in less than two weeks! The first was a scratch off winner who initially thought he’d won a few bucks, then he checked again and thought – no, it’s more like $500! Finally, after he calmed down and reviewed it again, he realized he had won $75k. Just a bit more than that $500… The second jackpot belongs to some lucky player who’s sitting on a $50k winner for Wednesday’s Powerball drawing but hasn’t collected it yet. If you’re local, make sure you check out the Top 10 Scratch Offs list before you run over to Hot Spot for your own ticket!

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