NC Lotto Fan Cashes in on Third Big Win in Only 5 Years

By: LottoEdge

Once, twice, three times a winner!

Most of us struggle to imagine really winning the lottery, let alone winning it more than once. But that’s exactly what’s happened for Terry Splawn of North Carolina. His most recent $100k win comes from a $20 Premier Cash ticket he purchased at Sam’s Mini Stop at 1256 Old Charlotte Rd SW in Concord on Labor Day.

Newsweek quotes Splawn on his big win, “It was on Labor Day! So, it was a really nice surprise for the day.”

We bet it was a nice surprise!

What may be even more surprising (and flat out amazing!) than someone winning big three times on scratch off tickets is that ALL THREE of his top prize winners were bought at the same Sam’s Mini Stop.

Carpool to Sam’s, anyone? We ride at dawn!

All in, Mr. Spawn has won two 1 million dollar prizes and now a single $100k prize for a grand scratch off haul totaling $2.1 million! We heard he’s just getting started, so stay tuned for more big wins from Lady Luck’s favorite gentleman.

The Premier Cash instant game is offered by the North Carolina Lottery. The scratch-to-match ticket hints at big prizes in store with it’s glittering metallic font and rich purple hue. As of publishing, there are three top prizes of $2 million left to claim as well as many smaller prizes ranging from $20 to $100k.

Have you heard? Now you can buy tickets for your favorite draw games without ever leaving your house with North Carolina Lottery Online! Maybe next week we’ll be writing about your big win. You just never know!