Red Hot Millions Player in MI Uncovers Lucky Numbers

By: LottoEdge

Distracted driving, but in a good way!

Loyal lottery fans often have a few lucky numbers, numbers that mean IT’S ON when you see them. That’s definitely the case with one Michigan Lottery player who instantly knew he was onto something when he revealed two of his lucky numbers on one ticket. Turns out, his good fortune was running high that day because he did, in fact, win $1 Million!

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Eager to share the good news with his wife in person, he hoped in the car to drive to her work. But in his own words, “… I had to pull over to calm down because I was so worked up.” Don’t worry friend, we’d be pretty distracted if we just won a million bucks too!

The player goes on to share that he’s had good luck with Red Hot Millions in the past,  so he’s continued to play. Seems he’ll be a fan for life now, what do you think? Good for him! But take note, while there’s a few games with “Millions” in the title and odds in your favor on our Top 10 MI Lottery Scratch Offs  list this month, Red Hot Millions isn’t one of them.

The lucky player purchased his winning ticket at his local Shell located at 4141 West Vienna Road in Clio.  He’s opted for the lump sum payment and after taxes he’ll walk away with a cool $634,000. Not bad at all!

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Michigan Lottery’s Red Hot Millions has doled out two of three top prizes of $1 Million to date. Which leaves one top prize and many smaller prizes of $10 to $2k remaining. Check the odds and know before you go. If you haven’t yet, make sure you bookmark our Top 10 Scratch Off List so you always know which games have the best odds before you run out and buy tickets. It’s updated monthly.

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