X Marks the Spot for Two Tampa Scratch Off Winners

By: LottoEdge

There be treasure in that there scratcher!

Sorry for the pirate jokes – we couldn’t resist. Not one but TWO scratch off players in beautiful Florida won big this week with X The Cash scratch off tickets. Seems that X really does mark the spot for a huge bounty! Last pirate pun, we swear!

Leroy Brundidge bought a 50x The Cash scratch off game from a Tampa 7-11 for a mere $5 and won 1 million. Believe it or not, that’s the smaller prize of the two! Jose Serrano of Auburndale purchased a 200x The Cash scratch off game from a Vero Beach Shell Station for $30 and won a whopping $5 million!

Thanks to Florida’s generous tax system, each man will walk away with a giant check even after taking the notoriously tax-heavy lump sum (Florida doesn’t have state taxes on income or lottery prizes). Leroy is entitled to $890,000, and Jose will get $4,450,000. Let’s just add that bit about no income taxes to our list of reasons we might up and move to Florida someday… Beautiful beaches. Disneyworld. No income taxes. Check, check, check.

FL Lottery 200X the Cash Scratch Off

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We predict X The Prize scratch off games will see an uptick in players over the next few weeks! Before you run out to buy your own X The Prize ticket, check out our list of Florida’s Top 10 Best Scratch Offs This Month. Surprise, surprise – 200x The Cash made the list, but it’s not #1!

Florida’s X The Cash scratch off series includes 5x The Cash, 10x The Cash, 20x The Cash, 50x The Cash, 100x The Cash, and 200x The Cash. Prizes vary significantly by game. Top prizes range from $10k for 5x The Cash to $5 million for 200x The Cash.

Did you know you can now play your favorite numbers with some of Florida’s most popular draw games well in advance, so you’re less likely to miss a drawing? With Advance Play, you can purchase tickets up to six months in advance, depending on the game.

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