PA iLottery Online Best Bonus Code for 2023

By: LottoEdge

Use PROMO CODE lottoedge and start your online play with a 100% match on your first deposit up to $500!!

You heard us right. We know it sounds too good to be true, but it actually is that easy!

Just by using PROMO CODE lottoedge when you register for the PA iLottery, you can get up to $500 for FREE.  Plus, we’ll throw in a little something extra with $5 in free play, so you can even test the games on us! Click through link to activate your match.

The PROMO CODE lottoedge has been verified by the PA iLottery team; it’s active and ready to use.

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Today must be your lucky day!

You can register your account on Pennsylvania iLottery and start playing in as little as 5 minutes.

Just think. In less than the time it takes to decide what you want for dinner, you could be winning real money online.How’s that for motivation?

Getting your 100% match of up to $500 and bonus of $5 in free play is super easy. Simply enter BONUS CODE lottoedge on your registration form as demonstrated below, and make sure your first deposit is at least $10.

PA iLottery Bonus Code Registration

Remember to use promo code LOTTOEDGE for the easiest $500 you’ve ever made!

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How It Works

You must be 18 or older and registering a new account to use the PROMO CODE lottoedge. With your first deposit, you’ll receive a 100% match up to $500. You must deposit a minimum of $10 to receive a match and $5 in free play. You must be present in the state of PA to play, and you cannot be related to any Pennsylvania Lottery officials.

If your first deposit is $500 or more, you get the max $500 bonus from PA Lotto. It’s like you’ve already won!

Choose wisely; the promo only applies to your FIRST deposit. Maximize your match by using BONUS CODE lottoedge and depositing at least $500 today.

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As a trusted affiliate of the PA iLottery, we’ve compiled the top tips, FAQs, and resources you need to make the most of your online gameplay.

Pennsylvania Online Lottery FAQs

Is it safe to play the Pennsylvania Lottery online?

The PA iLottery website is very safe. Industry best standards are used when verifying your age and identity, and deposits and other account transactions are processed using advanced security and encryption methods to protect your money and privacy.

Does PA iLottery have a VIP Program?

Yes! PA iLottery has an active VIP Players Club with many benefits to PA Lotto users, including special offers sent straight to your email inbox and the ability to enter second-chance drawings quickly & easily.

Do I have to live in PA to play the iLottery?

You don’t have to be a resident of Pennsylvania to play the PA Online Lottery, but you must be physically within the state’s borders during gameplay. Visitors are welcome to signup and play while in PA!

How do I withdraw winnings from my PA iLottery account?

Winning amounts of up to $600 will be deposited to your iLottery account and can be claimed and withdrawn after they hit your account. The average withdrawal takes 8-10 business days to be processed and deposited in your external bank account.  Winning amounts greater than $600 require filing a claim and showing proof of ID. You can file a claim online or in person.

Can I withdraw the bonus match immediately after making a deposit?

No. The bonus match is non-transferable, which means you must use the match dollars to play the PA iLottery games. The bonus match can’t be exchanged for cash. However, the WINNINGS you earn from playing online games can be withdrawn.

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Instant Win Games / Scratch Off Games

The PA Lottery website is full of instant win games. They are the same as the conventional scratchers, but iLottery offers a wider selection of games and updates the selection more frequently.

Check out some examples offered by the Pennsylvania Lottery! Make sure to use BONUS CODE lottoedge when you register to play.

Fast Play Games / Slot Machine Style

PA iLottery has included some fast play games that are a bit quicker than the traditional scratch offs. The following are some examples of these scratch-less games. 

If you haven’t registered yet, make sure you use BONUS CODE lottoedge when you sign up!

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The Pennsylvania Lottery offers something for every type of player. Whether you favor instant games, progressive jackpots, or are more of a “set the numbers & forget it” draw game player – they’ve got you covered!

A Quick Overview of Some Fan Favorites

Super Cash Buster 

A classic match & bust game with a twist! A roll of the dice decides which color blocks in your Cash Buster Zone will be shattered. Shattered blocks increase the payout meters and edge you toward six main prizes, each a multiple of your initial wager (1x; 2x; 25x; 100x; 1,000x; 20,000x). You get seven rolls per round to break the blocks in your Cash Buster Zone that match the dice. But that’s not all; you can reveal special prizes like instant cash, extra rolls, and mini-games along the way for even more fun and excitement.

Wager per round $1-$10. Grand prize $20,000.

Monster Wins Reveal

Super fun and loaded with ways to win, you’ll have a blast revealing the different friendly monsters and prizes they bring. With a dozen wagering options and two prize tables (one for the main game and one for the mini-games), you’ll be amazed at all the opportunities to cash in. You can claim up to five free mini-games anytime three bonus symbols appear in a single round, and you can win up to three times per free mini-game – which means you could get up to 15 payouts in mini-games alone!

Wager per round $.01-$5. Grand prize $20,000.

Super Gems

A classic match & bust game. Vibrant gems drop into your gameboard from the top and shatter when they form clusters of five or more matching colors. The amount you win depends on the color and number of gems that shatter and is a multiple of your initial bet. There are five different gem colors, and you can win up to 10,000x your initial wager! Plus, there are fun mini-games you can unlock as you play.

Wager per round $.10-$10. Grand prize $10,000.

Crossword Cash

For those who love a good crossword puzzle, now you can combine your passion for wordplay with the thrill of an instant win game. You win when the letters on your game card can form three or more words in the crossword puzzle. The more words you match, the more you win!

Wager per round $.10-$10. Grand prize $6,000.

Cash in the Lamp

Another reveal-style game that makes the list of fan favorites. You’ll have fun revealing the tile symbols one by one or all at once. Three or more matching symbols earn you a cash prize. You can also reveal special tiles like the Red Carpet and Lucky Lamp Bonus for more chances to win with mini-games and instant prizes.

Wager per round $.10-$10. Grand prize $10,000.

Draw Games

Did you know your odds of winning increase when you buy a ticket? We kid, we kid. All jokes aside, it isn’t always easy to make it to the store on time every week to grab a ticket for your favorite draw game. Life gets busy.

Pretty much any PA Lottery draw game you’re looking for can be played online. You can buy tickets for Cash4Life, Treasure Hunt and of course Mega Millions and Powerball!

PLUS! Now you never have to miss a chance to play your numbers on Mega MIllions or Powerball again. You can set your numbers and subscribe to enter up to 26 future drawings!

What if I need extra help with my PA iLottery Account?

The team at Pennsylvania iLottery is standing by to help you 24/7. You can contact them with any specific questions you have and get answers right away. They offer a comprehensive online help center, or you can email at or call toll-free at 1-833-530-PLAY (7529).

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