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Did you know lottery prize odds vary TREMENDOUSLY from one game to the next? How about that scratch off prize odds actually change throughout the life of a game?

Lotto Edge was developed as a resource for lottery players to always know the BEST odds before they lay down their hard earned dollars.

We analyze every scratch game and every prize to give you an edge, based on actual data. Get instant insights, up-to-date game stats, find hidden prize trends and so much more.

What would take long, boring hours each day (and crazy math skills) is now available to you instantly. Saving your TIME & MONEY!

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You have an INSTANT RANKING of scratch tickets to buy from the MOST ADVANCED scratcher software anywhere! 

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  • Game & prize odds

    Know the best odds of winning for every prize in every game!

  • Games to avoid

    See which prizes are still available and avoid
    top prize sellouts!

  • Hot Prizes

    Using our proprietary data, see prizes that may be due to hit soon!

  • Prize Targeting

    Advanced targeting strategies for the overlooked mid tier prizes.

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Not only do you receive the best strategies for buying scratch-offs, you’ll get these additional benefits!

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Scratch Off Recommendations

Finding new ways to win couldn’t be easier. Check out our FREE and Premium Member strategies.

Recommendations / RankingsFREE AccessPremium Membership
6 Basic Game RankingsYesYes
2 General Game Stats-Yes
4 Grand Prize Targeting-Yes
5 Prize Specific Lists-Yes
Updated Daily Odds-Yes
Daily Ticket Sales-Yes
Prize Hit Tracking-Yes
PricingFREEAs low as $0.14 per Day!

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While we can’t guarantee you will win, we can improve your odds!
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