About Lotto Edge

Lotto Edge is the brainchild of Jared James, a former PriceWaterhouseCoopers CPA and Mergers & Acquisition Specialist. As a natural “numbers guy,” interest in the lotteries began early for Jared. See, Jared’s step-father, Sam, was an avid lottery player for decades. He loved playing the lottery and did so often, despite disappointing results. In fact, scratch-off tickets were the only gifts he ever wanted. Year after year, Jared and his brothers bought scratch-off tickets for his birthday, Christmas and of course, Father’s Day. Jared soon became fascinated with finding even the slightest edge to picking a winning game.

Jared’s lotto interest soon led to a discovery that challenged him to learn all he could about how the lottery actually operated. Unbeknown to most, including himself, Jared learned the state lotteries would keep selling scratch tickets after all the top prizes had been claimed, as well as many of the other prizes.

“How can you sell someone the chance of winning a top prize if the prize doesn’t even exist?”

Not only did it feel like the lotteries were deliberately being dishonest, but Jared was also motivated by the lack of information shared about each game to seemingly keep players in the dark. Tired of feeling taken advantage of, Jared sought to level the playing field by giving players an edge.

He began developing a proprietary software application that resulted in what is today, Lotto Edge. For most people, digging deep into endless amounts of numbers doesn’t sound like a whole lot of fun; unless numbers are your life. Jared graduated from William & Mary with an accounting major and an economics minor so diving headfirst into the vast numerical lottery data actually felt like an exciting challenge.

While uncertainty is part of playing the lottery, Jared found the state lotteries intentionally limit game information on their websites. Information that could be hugely beneficial to players. Sure, you can find the overall odds for a scratch game and the number of each prize remaining, but Jared realized that didn’t really tell the player much especially when it came to how to win scratch offs. Diving deeper into those numbers and prizes, you could see the odds for winning every prize. Comparing those odds to other games, you quickly realize the odds aren’t the same across games, even those at the same ticket price.

For example, winning $100 on one game could have vastly different odds from winning $100 on the same priced game right next to it! This is because each scratch game has its own unique odds and those they are not consistent across all games.

“No one tells you that you could have bought tickets with better odds.”

Continuing to immerse himself in countless research reports, news articles and actual lottery data, Jared came to realize that he would have to look at every game, every prize, every day to calculate each prize’s odds to find a real edge to picking a winning game. Analyzing data like this even just ONE time would take hours; something the average player doesn’t have the time, knowledge or resources to do.

“The path to building Lotto Edge started out as more of challenge for me,” explains Jared. “Everyone knows winning a top prize is a big, long shot. But for many people, winning $50, $100 or even $500 would be a BIG win for them!”

“I realized the data I had uncovered could help players make better decisions when buying lottery scratch tickets and our goal is to help them make the best possible choice!”

Today, Lotto Edge offers a priceless repository of information to scratch-off ticket players. Each day, Lotto Edge analyzes the odds of every game and every prize. This information is then compared to all the other games and prizes helping to identify the best scratch off tickets to buy. The online, easy-to- use platform offers:

  • Valuable, up-to- date data so players can choose a scratch off lottery strategy based on their goals or create their own unique view.
  • Actual analysis of the expected redemption rates of prizes (how lottery prizes are expected to be redeemed) compared to the actual redemption rates. A potential strategy scratch off secret for finding a “hot ticket.” And most importantly,
  • All the information is presented presently in an EASY– to- understand format.

Many people are reluctant to consider a lottery “system” because, let’s be honest, most are garbage with zero value. A pure money grab. Rest assured, Lotto Edge is different. Our proprietary process is based on mathematical algorithms and actual data updated daily.

As Lotto Edge continues to grow, we will keep investing to identify trends and even the slightest edges for scratch-off ticket players and the scratch offs with the best odds. Not only do we want you to win, we want you to help others to win too. As a community member, you will have the opportunity to help choose new features and strategies for Lotto Edge.