Why You Should Make Friends with Your Lottery Retailer

By: Jared James, Founder

The following is a transcript of the above video.

Hi this is Jared, the Founder here at LottoEdge. This week, I have a tip that is so simple and helpful yet most players will never use it.

And that simple tip is – be Friendly with your lottery retailer.  Let me tell you why.

When you frequent a store and are friendly with the clerks, you might just be rewarded with some insider scratch off information.

See, lots of clerks keep an eye on what players are buying and when they hit. If some player just bought 10 tickets for a game, and on lost them all, what do you think that clerk is going to do?

They’re going to use  their insider information about those tickets and you can bet they’re going to be buying the next ticket or two off that roll.

So how can you use that same information to your advantage?

Let’s say you just checked out lottoedge.com for the scratch games with the best odds to win $10,000.  You have one or two games in mind that you’re searching for.

The store clerk, who recognizes your friendly face, tells you they saw a big hit on that first game that you’re looking for.  It’s still the same packet of tickets so your chances of hitting big again in the same pack is pretty slim.  It’s not unheard of but unlikely.

The same clerk also tips you off that the current pack of tickets for the second game on your list hasn’t had any decent hits yet.  This game is ripe for the picking. You just used LottoEdge and some insider store info for a HUGE advantage.

All you have to do is ask them! Ask each time you go in. They won’t have great tips every time you go in. But one day you might be tipped off with something that helps you win big.

And now another reason to warm up to your local lottery retailer is related to the question we are probably asked most often.  And that is, Where can I can such and such scratch off?

What I’m referring to is when games get older and fewer tickets are available, those scratch games can be harder to find. See, most player’s don’t look at prize odds and don’t play older games. Since they’re not buying these tickets, the stores aren’t going to carry them. Lottery retailers want to carry games that SELL!

Now if you’ve watched some of our other videos, you know sometimes those older games have a big top prize that has been forgotten about. The odds have improved tremendously as there’s not a lot of tickets let.  The problem is, since most players don’t know the top prize odds, they have no idea to be looking for this game and then stores aren’t selling them

Let me show you a great example of this and I’m going to go ahead and use one of our scratch off rankings here. And that one is called our estimated odds Improvement.

This is just going to quickly tell me which top prize has the best odds Improvement in this game for North Carolina. I can see here there’s only 2% of tickets still outstanding.

Estimated about 600,000 tickets and you can see the prize odds have increased significantly because there’s one top $10 million dollar prize still out there. And there’s only about 600,000 tickets. The problem is finding a store that carries that game.

Now this is a great time to ask your new friend, who is selling lottery tickets, could they order a pack of this game, this hard to find game, for you. In fact tell them why you’re hunting for it.

They want big prizes at their store too they may spread the word and that helps keep tickets in stock since other players are interested in playing that game too.

Obviously not every Lottery clerk is going to be friendly and helpful. They have a job to do and probably don’t care to make friendly with customers. And that is fine.

Find yourself a friendly retailer and give them your business. Become a frequent customer and you might just be rewarded with an edge. One that very few Lottery players have.

We appreciate you tuning in and we hope you found these tips helpful