Top 10 Best Michigan Lottery Online Games – Scratch Off Edition

Michigan residents and visitors alike – you’re in luck! Michigan Lottery is one of the few stateside lotteries with a variety of instant games you can play from the comfort of your phone, tablet, or desktop computer. You may be thinking, “I can play Michigan Lotto games anytime I want, 24/7, and win *real* money, and I don’t even have to go to the store!? Get outta here!” It’s true. And as your friendly resource for all things lottery, we’re here to give you a breakdown of our Top 10 Best Michigan Lottery Online Games! Let’s get to it.

Michigan Lottery has instant games for every type of player. Whether you like reveal games, bonus rounds, or quickplay, there’s a game that will scratch your itch. MI Lotto is well run, and they update their online scratch off games often.

We’ve organized our Top 10 Best Michigan Lottery Online Scratch Offs by type of game so you can jump straight to what you prefer and get a quick overview of what to expect. Before you run off to play or buy tickets, make sure you pop over to our Michigan Lottery page for details on our PROMO CODE and how to maximize your first deposit.

Classic Games

(Click any game or image to play a Free Demo version of the game)

Frogger (No, it’s not 1981, but what a fun flashback)

MI Online Lottery Frogger

A straightforward game based on the arcade classic. You’ll love the vintage graphics. Unlike the original game where you have to do most of the work, with this version, you simply buy a ticket, and Frogger does the rest. How far he gets influences your winnings – if he makes it all the way across the river, you could win up to $100k!

Ticket cost: $0.10-$20.00, top prize $100,000, odds: 1:5.2

Wheel of Fortune (A true classic by all standards)

MI Online Lottery Wheel of Fortune

Who hasn’t been lured by *The Wheel* at one point or another? Now you can play one of the most renowned lottery games around while you’re on lunch break. Fancy that! Spin for your winning letters and click to reveal if you’ve got a match one at a time or all at once. Bonus rounds are equally fun and offer more chances to bring home the bacon.

Ticket cost: $0.05-$2.00, top prize $60,000, odds: 1:37.24

Queen of Diamonds (Don’t miss the extra play with our promo code)

Michigan Online Lottery Queen of Diamonds

One of the most popular click-to-reveal games, and it’s not surprising with the beautiful graphics and casino vibe. You decide how to play; either click them one by one for a bit of added suspense or click to reveal them all at once. Get the promo code before you buy.

Ticket cost: $0.05-$2.00, top prize $60,000, odds: 1:31.87

More Ways to Win

Jungle Payout (A wild way to win)

Michigan Lottery Jungle Payout

This game combines jungle vibes with the thrill of a digital puzzle. As blocks fall, they stack and align with other blocks. Once you reveal three or more matching blocks that are touching, the cluster automatically disappears, and you win that prize. There’s lots of added fun with bonus blocks, chest blocks, and free play blocks. Plus, if five winning clusters are removed in a single round, you get double the prize!

Ticket cost: $0.10-$10.00, top prize $50,000, odds: 1:3.83

Cowboy Cash Roundup (This ain’t your mama’s rodeo)

MI Lottery Cowboy Cash Roundup

For a little extra fun with this game, you can click the ticket to “scratch” it and reveal your symbols. If any of your symbols match the winning symbols… Well, yeehaw – you win the prize shown! There’s a side game and another opportunity to win with Catch The Bandits, where you click to reveal the bandit silhouette. Reveal three bandits, and win the prize shown.

Ticket cost: $0.05-$2.00, top prize $100,000, odds: 1:26.25

Cash Buster Stacks (Fast-paced and fun)

Michigan Lottery Cash Buster Stacks

Every ticket is a stack and another chance to win. You can play up to five tickets (stacks) at once. With three or more adjacent matching symbols, you win! Star symbols activate your ticket’s multiplier, so keep an eye out. Lightning symbol unlocks fast-reveal hyper play, and finding three bonus symbols in a ticket means guaranteed wins!

Ticket cost: $0.10-$5.00, top prize $25,000, odds: 1:18.93

Games with Cool Bonus Rounds

Fruity Cubes (Serving up fresh, relaxing fun)

Michigan Lottery Fruity Cubes

You’re looking for three or more matching symbols in a row. But that’s not all, uncover a present symbol and win that prize instantly or reveal a +1 to play an *extra* reveal with a multiplier on whatever you win! Bonus rounds inside bonus rounds – unlock the Fruit Squeeze Bonus and get guaranteed wins!

Ticket cost: $0.05-$2.00, top prize $20,000, odds: 1:38.3

Cashword Bonus (Like a crossword puzzle, only less effort required)

MI Lottery Online Cashword Bonus

Much like a few classic Michigan Lottery Scratch Off games, this Cashword Bonus centers on finding the winning letters within the words revealed on your ticket. When you match all the letters in a word, you win the prize for that word. Three golden letters within a word unlock the Lucky Letter Bonus – which means a guaranteed prize. Lucky Letter Bonus round allows you to spin the wheel and uncover prizes within the prize meter. When you complete a full column within the meter, you win the *sum* of all prizes shown in that prize meter, and it’s multiplied by the number shown in the star meter! Yowzah!

Ticket cost: $0.10-$5.00, top prize $5,000, odds: 1:14.61

25 Card Cash Bonus (For the card lovers)

Michigan Lottery 25 Card Cash Bonus

Super simple gameplay; every card represents one of your 25 tickets. Match any of your tickets (playing cards) to the winning card, and you win the prize shown for that card. If it’s a King, Queen, or Jack, you win double the prize shown. If it happens to be an Ace, you win 5x the prize! What’s more, Gold and Silver cards unlock bonus games with guaranteed wins.

Ticket cost: $0.05-$2.00, top prize $20,000, odds: 1:53.29

Enchanted Winnings (Winning is easy if you’ve got the magic touch)

Michigan Lottery Online Enchanted Winnings

A unique game board keeps things interesting. Upon reveal, symbols pour into the gameboard from opposite sides and fill the wooden spiral. When you get three or more matching symbols, either horizontally or vertically, they disappear, and you win the corresponding prize in the prize table. Once gone, each winning combo is replaced with a single magic symbol, which can match with any other symbol. More symbols flow in from either side and refill the game board. If you happen to get both arrow gems to the center, it unlocks the Magic Win, and all of the chosen symbols on the board will become magic symbols (that match with any other).

Ticket cost: $0.10-$10.00, top prize $51,000, odds: 1:3.82

Ready to jump over and play? Check out our MI Lotto page first for all the details on using our promo code for a deposit match and free gameplay! 

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