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NJ Lottery Results & Winning Numbers

Did you play the New Jersey lottery last night? Check the latest NJ Lottery winning numbers to see if you won!


Wed Dec 7

  • 14
  • 30
  • 36
  • 40
  • 45
New Jersey Cash 5

Tue Dec 6

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Wed Dec 7

  • 21
  • 29
  • 34
  • 36
  • 41
NJ Cash4Life

Tue Dec 6

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Wed Dec 7


Tue Dec 6

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Fri Dec 9


Wed Dec 7

  • 06
  • 17
  • 28
  • 40
  • 43
  • 46
New Jersey Pick 6

Mon Dec 5


Thu Dec 8


Mon Dec 5

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Wed Dec 7


Which Lottery Game Has the Best Odds?

The NJLottery sells tickets across a variety of price levels. However, the odds of winning vary greatly from one game to the next.

PRO TIP– Don’t rely just on the overall odds to compare games. Make sure to check the individual prize odds for games in your budget. Click any game for a full list of individual prize odds and payouts.

NJ Pick 3$0.50 - $5.001 in 1,000 (Exact)
Jersey Cash 5$11 in 153
Cash4Life$21 in 7.76
NJ Mega Millions$21 in 24
NJ Pick 4$0.50 - $5.001 in 10,000 (Exact)
NJ Pick 6$11 in 54
Powerball$21 in 24.9
Scratch Offs$1 - $30Best Odds Award
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What Time is the Next NJ Lottery Live Drawing?

The New Jersey Lottery offers daily drawings, but the sales cut off times vary by game. Make sure you never miss a lottery draw again with our handy calendar that combines daily drawing times and sales cut off (in brackets) for each drawing.

NJ Pick 3 MiddayDaily12:59 pm
(12:53 pm)
NJ Pick 3 EveningDaily10:57 pm
(10:53 pm)
NJ Cash 5Daily10:57 pm
(10:53 pm)
NJ Cash 4 LifeDaily9:00 pm
(8:46 pm)
MegaMillionsTues / Fri11:00 pm
(10:45 pm)
NJ Pick 4 DayDaily1:30 pm
(1:20 pm)
NJ Pick 4 EveningDaily10:57 pm
(10:53 pm)
NJ Pick 6Mon / Thurs10:57 pm
(10:53 pm)
PowerballMon / Wed / Sat10:59 pm
(9:59 pm)

What are the NJLottery Second Chance Drawings & VIP Club?

The New Jersey Lottery’s VIP Club is a free service that offers members updates via emails, push notifications or texts. Members are able to receive daily winning numbers notifications, new game releases, and chances to enter NJ Lottery sweepstakes and bonus drawings.

As a member, you’ll get exclusive access to Second Chance drawings offered by the NJLottery.

Need a VIP Club Account? You can join now at the official NJ Lottery VIP Club website.

Finding the Best NJ Scratch Offs

At Lotto Edge, Scratch Offs are kind of our deal. We collect NJ Lottery scratch data DAILY for every prize in every game! You heard that right.

We use fancy computers to run thousands of calculations and provide our members simple rankings of the best games to play. We currently offer over 20 rankings so no matter what prizes you are after or how you like to play, we have a ranking tailor made for you. If you love scratch offs, check out our rankings before you spend another dollar.

Looking for Some Expert Tips on Playing the NJ Lottery?

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Don’t choose consecutive numbers. For example, if you play a lottery with five winning numbers, and you must choose numbers 1-55. The total numbers should fall between 104 and 176. Studies have shown that 70% of lottery jackpots have sums that fall in this range.


Players tend to play based on their birthday, the birthday of a family member or an anniversary. This limits selecting numbers to just 1 to 31. If you choose numbers above 31, you can increase your chance of not sharing the prize.


Scratch off ticket odds almost always beat draw games BUT the odds change daily. Check back frequently to keep up with the latest odds changes!


Draw games pull from a range of numbers and patterns aren’t likely to show up on the winning ticket. A winning ticket is unlikely to have of a pattern like 3, 13, 23, 33, 43. It also unlikely to be a straight range of numbers like 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15. Also, mix up your numbers by using both even and odd numbers.

Commonly Asked Questions by Players

We talk to lottery players daily and are constantly reading lotto questions asked around the web. We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions that players want to know. If you have a question we missed, we probably have an answer. Drop us a line.

  • When does the NJ Lottery post draw results?

    The New Jersey Lottery posts winning results immediately after each drawing. Our lottery results, while unofficial, are posted soon after each drawing as well.

  • What games can I play online in NJ?

    New Jersey Lottery tickets may be purchased through a registered New Jersey Lottery courier online. The player must be in New Jersey at the time of purchase.

  • Can I use a debit or credit card to buy tickets?

    While the New Jersey Lottery does not place any restrictions on forms of payments that retailers can accept, you may find that most retailers prefer to operate in cash for a variety of reasons. Depending on the location, a store may be willing to accept a different form of payment.

  • How long do I have to collect a winning prize?

    Scratch Off prizes can be collected up to 1 year after the announced end of play. Draw game prizes can be collected up to 1 year after the drawing that the ticket was purchased for. Fast Play games can be claimed up to 1 year after the date of purchase.

  • What is the legal age to play the lottery in the state of NJ?

    If you’re 18 or older, you can play the NJ Lottery!

  • How can I claim a winning ticket?

    Prize claims under $600 can be claimed at a lottery retailer.

    Winners of prizes of $600 and greater must file a claim form with the New Jersey Lottery. It takes approximately three weeks to receive your winnings via check.

  • Can winners remain anonymous?

    Yes! Winners of the New Jersey Lottery have the option to remain anonymous.

  • Does the NJLottery have an App?

    Yes. The NJ lottery app includes ticket scanner, including scratch off scanner, past drawing results, and the ability to find a lottery retailer near you.

    Download the latest NJ Lottery App and create an account.

    Apple Store LogoGoogle Play Store Logo

  • Where can I see a list of NJ Lottery winners?

    The New Jersey lottery posts recent winners in all games including scratch off winners and draw games. You can find the latest list of winners at the NJ Lottery Winners Page.

  • What other lottery games does NJ offer?

    The NJ Lottery also offers Quick Draw, Cash Pop, Fast Play games and Raffles. Visit the NJ Lottery website for more information about these fun games.

  • Where can I find Lottery Predictions?

    Anyone or any website offering to sell you drawing game predictions should be viewed with skepticism. Drawing games are random ball drawings where the previous draws have no impact on future drawings.

  • How Can I watch the Live Drawings?

    New Jersey is one of the few states that allows players to be present to watch live drawings. If you are interested in attending a live drawing at Lottery Headquarters, contact them at 609-599-5801 to make an appointment.

  • Where can I find past lottery drawing results?

    Past drawing results are available from the NJ Lottery website. Visit njlottery.com, click on “Draw Games” and then choose the game you want to see past results (e.g. Powerball).

  • Are there any NJLottery strategies that can help me?

    Yes. If you play scratch offs, check out our best NJ Lottery scratch off rankings and find a ranking that fits your playing style. All our rankings provide you a daily updated list of the best scratch off games to play.

  • Does the NJ Lottery have a Spanish page?

    Si. Visite la version en espanol de la loteria de nj aqui.

Playing NJ Lottery Tickets Online

The New Jersey Lottery doesn’t currently offer the ability to buy lottery tickets on their official website. They do allow for licensed 3rd party ticket brokers to sell tickets if the player is physically located in the state of New Jersey when buying a ticket.

Like many other states, they have expanded their gambling offerings to other services. We’ve included a full list of online gambling games and included some of the officially licensed & regulated gaming providers legal in New Jersey.


Scratch OffsNoBetMGM
Draw GamesNoNo
Daily FantasyNoMonkey Knife Fight*

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About the NJ Lottery

New Jersey continues to offer residents new and exciting games each month. Their expansion into sports betting and online casinos demonstrates their desire to stay on the forefront of emerging trends.

Every ticket purchase offers a chance for you to win, but proceeds go to help ensure the retirement benefits of those who serve the state of New Jersey, including teachers, police officers, firefighters, and other public employees.

Want to learn more? Visit the official NJ Lottery Homepage at njlottery.com.


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