Can Non-Residents Play Florida Lottery?

By: Grace Gilrane
Man Winning Lottery Money

Key Takeaways

  • Anyone 18 years and older can play the Florida Lottery when physically in the state
  • Lottery prizes won must be claimed in Florida or mailed to Florida Lottery claims center
  • Florida Lottery tickets cannot be purchased online

Florida is a popular vacation spot for many people to travel to and it is also a place that millions call home. From Universal Studios, to Disney World, and beautiful beaches up and down the coast Florida has a lot to offer. Another available activity in the sunshine state is playing their lottery.

Florida Lottery Rules for Non-Residents: Everything You Need to Know

When playing Florida lottery games it is not a requirement that one must be a resident of the state. Anyone can play if they live in the state or are visiting from elsewhere.

However, when it comes to claiming any winnings from the Florida lottery there are additional rules. All prizes won when playing the Florida Lottery must be claimed in the state, or they can be mailed in which we will cover below.

No matter where you may live full time, you can play the Florida Lottery when you’re on Floridian soil.

Non-Resident Winners: What Happens If You Win the Florida Lottery?

So, now that you’ve played the Florida Lottery what happens if you win? If you win, your prize must be claimed in Florida. This includes multi-state games such as Powerball and Mega Millions. Although those games are played in various states, if you purchased your winning ticket in Florida it must be claimed in Florida.

Let’s say for instance that you purchase a ticket while visiting family in Florida and win once you’ve returned home. Well, if you’ve purchased a ticket in Florida but aren’t in the state to claim it there are multiple ways you can still obtain your winnings.

To claim your Florida Lottery prize from out of state fill out the back of your ticket and mail it and the required documentation to the Claims Processing office for the Florida Lottery.

The current mailing address and more information regarding how to claim your Florida Lottery winnings from out of state are on the FAQ section of the Florida Lottery’s website.

Buying Florida Lottery Tickets Online: Options for Non-Residents

The rules when it comes to playing the lottery in Florida are the same across the board for any residents regardless of where they live. While some states now have online options of purchasing lottery tickets in Florida this is not yet so.

Both residents and non-residents cannot purchase Florida Lottery tickets online, but when in Florida you can physically buy and play the lottery no matter where you formally reside.