Michigan Lottery Online Best Promo Code for 2023

By: LottoEdge

You know what makes playing your favorite lotto games from the comfort of your own home even better?

Using PROMO CODE lottoedge to get a 50% match on your first deposit, up to $100 and $6 in free gameplay for Queen of Diamonds from the Michigan Lottery.

Say whaaaat!?

Yeah, you heard right. We’ve partnered with Michigan Lottery to bring you a signup bonus that’s just too good to pass up.

You can claim your FREE money when you register for a new MI Lottery account and use PROMO CODE lottoedge.

Make your first deposit, and Michigan Lottery will give you a 50% MATCH of up to $100. Just like that. Easy peasy.  Click through link to activate your match bonus.

This offer may sound too good to be true, but as a trusted affiliate of the Michigan Lottery, we can assure you that the bonus offer is valid, and the promo code LOTTOEDGE is verified and ready to use. First deposit must be at least $10 to activate the match.

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Registering your new account is fast and easy!

Enter your email, choose a password, and type LOTTOEDGE into the promo code area. Bingo, Bango! You’re on your way to claiming your 50% match on your first deposit and $6 in FREE play for the Queen of Diamonds instant game!

Michigan Lottery Online Registration Promo Code

After you register with Michigan Online Lottery using PROMO CODE lottoedge, you’ll get 10 FREE GAMES of Queen of Diamonds. You’ll be awarded 10 bets of 6 lines at $.10 per ticket, getting you off to a potentially winning start.

Want to claim the maximum benefit?

Use PROMO CODE lottoedge during registration.  Then make your first deposit $200 (or more). MI Lotto will match you $100, and you’ll end up with at least $300 to play with. Plus, you’ll get that extra $6 in free gameplay for Queen of Diamonds. It’s like you’ve already won!

That’s the power of the LOTTOEDGE promo code.

Signing up for Michigan Online Lottery on a Phone or Tablet

Here’s what you need to get started with your new account using your smartphone:

1. Choose Register from the mobile menu. You access this menu with the ≡ icon found in the top-left corner of the screen

Michigan Online Lottery Mobile Registration

2. Punch in your account details –  your email address and a password – along with the PROMO CODE above (that’s LOTTOEDGE). You need to ensure your password has 8 to 16 characters with at least 2 of the following included: an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter, a number, and a special symbol.

MI Lottery Mobile Account Registration

3. Enter relevant personal information, read the terms and conditions along with the Responsible Gaming section, then choose Submit  to complete registration

4. You’ll have the option of choosing whether or not to receive texts and emails informing you of special offers and updates

5. Check your email. You should have a confirmation link

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Signing up for Michigan Online Lottery on a Desktop

Follow the same process as you would on a phone or tablet, but instead of being in a menu on the left, you’ll find the Register button at the top-right side of the website.

Why Play Michigan Lottery Online?

Because they make it easy to get started, there are tons of games to choose from, and new games are added weekly.  You’ll find your favorite in no time, and their mobile app makes it easy to play anywhere and any time!

AND! When you use promo code LOTTOEDGE when registering your new account, you can get FREE gameplay and FREE money with the 50% match.

✅ Flexibility to play anytime

✅ Loads of fun games to choose from

✅ Affordable wager options

✅ The chance to WIN REAL MONEY

✅ FREE MONEY when you claim a 50% match on your first deposit with promo code lottoedge

Check, check, check, check, and check!!


Bored in a waiting room? Waiting for an oil change? Taking your ten at work? Why not try your luck?

Michigan Lottery is fun on demand! Plus, you can win real money!

Make sure you get your 50% match of up to $100 on your first deposit and your $6 in FREE gameplay for Queen of Diamonds! Use PROMO CODE lottoedge today!

How It Works

You must be 18 or older to play the MI Lottery online and register with PROMO CODE lottoedge. Once you register, you’ll be able to make your FIRST DEPOSIT, which your 50% MATCH of UP TO $100 is based on. You much deposit at least $10 to activate the match.

To maximize your match, you must deposit $200 or more for your first deposit. You will get the $6 towards gameplay for Queen of Diamonds regardless of if you make a deposit.

You must be physically within the borders of Michigan during gameplay, and you can’t be related to any Michigan Lottery officials.

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As trusted affiliates of the Michigan Lottery, we’ve created a resource guide below where you can find some of the top FAQs about MI Lottery Online, read about fan-favorite games, and more.

Michigan Lottery Online FAQs

Is it safe to play the Michigan Lottery online?

Yes! The MI Lottery website uses industry best standards when verifying your age and identity.  All of your deposits and other account transactions are processed using high-level encryption for privacy and security.

Where do the profits from MI Lotto go?

When you play the Michigan Lottery, you get the thrill of your favorite games and the added benefit of supporting K-12 schools across the state. While more than $.50 of every dollar spent on the MI Lottery returns to players in the form of prizes, nearly $.28 of every dollar spent directly benefits Michigan public schools. The rest goes to supporting Michigan businesses and keeping the lottery running.

Want to see some of that money returned to you as a player RIGHT NOW? When you use PROMO CODE lottoedge, you can start your MI Lottery experience the right way – with a 50% MATCH of up to $100 and $6 in free play for Queen of Diamonds! It’s like you’ve won before you’ve even begun!

Do I have to live in Michigan to play the MI Lottery online?

Nope! But you DO need to be physically within Michigan state borders while you play. That means residents and visitors alike are welcome to register for and play MI Lotto online while in Michigan!

Just visiting? You can still take advantage of PROMO CODE lottoedge during your time in the Wolverine State! You can even get the 50% match on your first deposit! Just make sure you spend your account down and cash out your winnings before leaving the state.

How do I withdraw winnings from my MI Lottery online account?

Michigan Lottery offers multiple payment options for where you’d like your withdrawal deposited, including ACH (your bank account), PayPal, a paper check,  at a Retailer, or to your VISA Debit.

The first withdrawal you make may require additional verification for safety and security purposes. It can take up to 7 days to process the initial withdrawal, sometimes longer if documents must be resubmitted.

Single prizes of up to $599 are credited to your MI Lottery account. Single prizes of $600 or more require filing a claim, which is a straightforward process you can begin online.

When you submit a withdrawal request, MI Lottery will process it as quickly as possible. Typically, the request is approved and processed within about 3-5 business days for ACH, 2-4 business hours for PayPal, immediately available for print on your account page (to take to a Retailer), and 24 business hours for VISA Debit. These timelines apply to second and subsequent withdrawals. First withdrawals take longer.

The minimum amount you can withdrawal is $10. Only winnings can be withdrawn from your online account. All deposits and bonuses have to be used for online play.

Can I withdraw the bonus match immediately after making a deposit?

No.  The bonus match is non-transferable, which means you must use the match dollars to play MI Lottery online; it can’t be exchanged for cash. You can withdraw the WINNINGS you earn from playing online games after they have been credited to your online account.

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Instant Win Games / Scratch Off Games

MI Lottery knows instant games deliver the fun and excitement at-home players are looking for. You’ll find tons of options to choose from, including classic reveal-style, progressive jackpot, and even crossword-style instant games.

Try Before You Buy with Free Demos

The instant games and the Keno games allow you to try them before deciding whether to use real money.  Just click on the Demo button to give them a free whirl.  Make sure to use PROMO CODE lottoedge when you register to play.

Michigan Lottery Online Game Demo

Michigan Online Lottery Games

There are more than 60 different games to choose from, so you definitely won’t get bored.

Forgot to pick up tickets on the way home from work, and the drawing is just 5 minutes from now?  Or are you just too tired to drag yourself to the store to buy your lucky numbers?  No more do you have to risk not buying a ticket.  The Michigan Online Lottery has five drawing games for you to choose from.

As an aside, you can also take advantage of Combo My Numbers, a feature only available for online players of Fantasy 5, Lotto 47, Mega Millions, and Powerball that allows players to play every combination of their favorite numbers!  Combo My Numbers lets players select six to ten numbers and generate game tickets using every possible combination of your numbers.

Just some of the available drawing games include:

What if you are a Club Keno player and want to play keno online? 

The MI Lottery currently has 5 keno games ready to go for constant action.

But what if you like playing Michigan scratch off tickets?  Fear not, the Mich Lotto has over 100 instant games ready for playing and widens your options substantially.  No more limiting yourself to the handful of scratchers sold at the local gas station.

The site is constantly updated with fresh games added weekly.

As with all digital draw-based and instant games, you can play around the clock giving you complete freedom to play when it works for your schedule!

Another advantage of signing up for an online MI Lottery account is that you can take full advantage of downtime during your work commute or lunchtime to play some fun and exciting games that can win you REAL MONEY

What if I need extra help with my MI Lottery online account?

MI Lottery offers an extensive online FAQ that you can access 24/7. If you can’t find what you need, you can email or chat with them through the MI Lottery website. You can also call their toll-free Customer Support line at 1 (844) 887-6836.

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