Tech-Savvy Ways to Play Michigan Lottery: Apps and Online Platforms

By: Todd Betzold
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Key Takeaways

  • The traditional in-store offerings for the Michigan Lottery are now available via the state lottery’s mobile app and website.
  • The Michigan Lottery has implemented tough security protocols to make a smooth, safe and easy experience for all players.
  • The Michigan Lottery gives players multiple options for loading money onto their account, as well as withdrawing any winnings.

In this day and age, things we used to do in a store can now be done online, including playing the lottery. The Michigan Lottery is no different, as they have embraced this shift in technology and have apps and online platforms that allow players to get instant access to the games they love to play right on their phones or computers. We take a look at these different apps and online platforms for the Michigan Lottery to help you out.

Top Apps for Michigan Lottery Results and Analysis

In the state of Michigan, lottery players can only use the official Michigan Lottery app when wanting to play any of the lottery games offered in the state. The Michigan Lottery app allows you to scan tickets to see if you are a winner. It also gives you a Daily Spin to Win game for a chance to win prizes every day. You can also purchase tickets for some of the draw games, as well as play online games for money. They also give you the opportunity to watch Club Keno drawings as they happen.

While you can check winning numbers and current jackpots on the app, you are also able to do this on other online platforms, like LottoEdge. We have a dedicated page for the Michigan Lottery results, which is updated with the latest lottery results.

Online Platforms with Advanced Security Features

The Michigan Lottery website and app have all the standard bells and whistles to help protect your money and identity. The state has measures in place to help protect your information and make sure you are playing in a secure gaming environment. This includes technology to safeguard your personal and financial data, as well as procedures to verify player’s identities and prevent unauthorized access.

To help promote responsible gaming, the Michigan Lottery also offers a chance for players to self-exclude themselves from playing. This allows players to set up gaming habits and establish personalized limits, like daily or weekly deposit limits. This helps to promote healthy playing behaviors.

Mobile Payments and Michigan Lottery: What You Should Know

If you are interested in playing online games or purchasing draw games on the Michigan Lottery website, then you should know about the mobile payment options the state of Michigan allows. The following payment methods are available for making a deposit or purchase with your Michigan Lottery account:

  • ACH – Bank Transfer
  • Credit or Debit Card
  • Online Game Card
  • PayPal

If you are lucky enough to win money on the Michigan Lottery website, then you might be curious about the steps you need to take to withdraw money from your account. The following methods are available from withdrawing your winnings from your Michigan Lottery account. Keep in mind, all withdrawals are reviewed and approved by a compliance team member before they are issued.

  • ACH – Bank Transfer
    • Transfers to your bank account.
    • Funds are deposited within 3 – 5 business days after approval
    • Minimum Amount per request – $10
    • Maximum Amount per request – $50,000
  • Check (only available by phone call)
    • Paper check is sent via the United States Post Office.
    • Must call Customer Support at 1-844-887-6836 to request a check.
    • This process adds a few extra days for issuing and mailing of the check.
    • Minimum Amount per request – $10
    • Maximum Amount per request – $50,000
  • PayPal
    • Transfers to your PayPal account.
    • Funds are deposited within 2-4 business hours after approval
    • Minimum Amount per request – $10
    • Maximum Amount per request – $50,000
  • Withdraw to Visa Debit Card
    • Transfers to your Visa Debit card (must be attached to a U.S. Bank account).
    • Funds are deposited within one business day or less after approval
    • Minimum Amount per request – $10
    • Maximum Amount per request – $2,000
    • Total number of requests allowed per day – 5
    • Total amount allowed per day – $10,000
    • Total number of requests allowed per week – 10
    • Total amount allowed per week – $20,000
  • Withdraw at Retail Voucher
    • Creates a printable Withdraw Voucher in your account that can be redeemed for cash at any Michigan Lottery retailer.
    • After approval, a Withdraw Voucher is immediately available to print.
    • Minimum Amount per request – $10
    • Maximum Amount per request – $200
    • Total number of requests allowed per day – 10
    • Withdraw Vouchers automatically expire 30 days after approval. Once expired, the voucher will be void and the funds will be returned to your Michigan Lottery account.


The Michigan Lottery has successfully taken their traditional games and drawings and made them available online. All of this with the security features you hope for with an online platform. From checking winning numbers to playing digital scratch-offs, the Michigan Lottery website lets players experience the excitement of the lottery right from their laptop or phone.

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