The Secret of Tracking Scratch Off Sales to Improve Your Winning Chances

By: Jared James, Founder
Top Secret Stamped Folders

Key Takeaways

  • Tracking ticket sales can tell players the number of tickets remaining & how many tickets were sold since a prize was last claimed.
  • Players can use ticket sales to learn updated prize odds and how to better time purchases to save money.
  • Some states don’t provide players the information needed to track ticket sales.

Lottery games have always been about luck, but what if we told you there’s a way to stack the odds in your favor? Just like counting cards at a blackjack table, tracking scratch-off lottery ticket sales can give you a strategic advantage. In this article, I’m going to break down the art of tracking ticket sales, in simple terms, to help you improve your chances of winning those elusive top prizes.

What is Ticket Sales Tracking Exactly?

When scratch off games are first released, each game has a fixed number of tickets printed and a set number of prizes available. As tickets are sold, we can expect some of those tickets to be winners and some to be losers. The lottery may tell you the number of prizes remaining, but how helpful is that really?

What the lottery won’t share is how many tickets are remaining. That is where tracking ticket sales comes into play. Ticket tracking is the monitoring of the daily ticket sales for a game. If you know both the number of prizes remaining and how many unsold tickets were left, you would have a nice advantage when it comes hitting those remaining prizes.

What Will Scratch Off Ticket Sales Show Me?

Ok, so ticket tracking sounds great but how can it help you? Before we dive into how to use it to your advantage, its important to understand what we can learn from it.

Number of Tickets Remaining

Because scratch off games begin with a known number of tickets, by tracking ticket sales, you can estimate how many tickets are still unsold. This information is fantastic because it allows you see daily odds changes on some of those highly sought after top prizes.

Tickets Sold Since Claim

You’ve probably seen a scratch game with a top prize or two remaining but thought to yourself, how many tickets have been sold since that last big hit? Has it been just a few hundred or a couple million tickets sold? Tracking daily ticket sales lets you see how many tickets were sold since the last time a prize was claimed. Compare the number of tickets sold to a prize’s odds and you might just see an advantage to be had. For example, if a prize’s odds are 1 in 1,000,000, and 1,500,000 tickets have been sold since the last claim, that prize might be due to hit soon.

Estimated Daily Sales

By observing the estimated number of tickets sold daily, you can project how fast a game is selling. If tickets are flying off the shelves, a top prize might hit sooner than a game with sluggish ticket sales where it might take a while before a prize is ripe for the picking.

How Can Tracking Ticket Sales Help Me?

Time Your Ticket Purchases

Tracking ticket sales helps you make smarter decisions about when to buy tickets. Is a prize about to pop, or is it unlikely to be won anytime soon? Knowing when a game might be overdue or coming due might just be the edge you need.

Play When Top Prize Odds Improve

If you are playing for top prizes, using ticket sales information can allow you to play only when a top prize may be due to hit. By waiting for the right moment you can opt to play scratch-off games when the odds of winning the top prizes have significantly improved. Why not capitalize on a better opportunity?

Save Money

By avoiding games that have little chance of hitting soon, you can save your money to play games with more promising odds or wait for a better opportunity.

Limitations of Tracking Ticket Sales

Tracking ticket sales can be a huge advantage to players but it does have some limitations.

Use of Estimates

State lotteries rarely share information about how many tickets remain unsold. Even those that do, they certainly don’t make it easy to know which prizes have improved odds or how many tickets have been sold between claims. Because most states don’t provide this information, players have to use estimates of how many tickets are remaining.

Odds Are Averages

Its important to remember that prize and game odds are averages. What that means is on average over the life of a game, a prize would hit its stated odds. Odds are not exact, meaning for a prize with 1 in 100 odds, not every 100 tickets is a winner, but on average over the life of a game, that prize will average out to that. Prizes may be won sooner or later than their expected odds.

Ticket Tracking Availability

Every state lottery is different in the information they provide players. Not every state offers the information necessary to estimate ticket sales, putting players in those states at a disadvantage.

How to See Ticket Sales on LottoEdge

For those eager to harness the power of ticket sales tracking, LottoEdge offers Pro Features for select states. Here’s a simple guide to accessing this valuable information:

  1. Visit and navigate to the Scratch Offs section in the main menu.
  2. Click on “Scratch Off Rankings” or “Browse Scratch Offs
  3. Select the name of any game to access game details.
  4. In the Game Info section, find “Estimated Tickets”. This displays the estimated number of tickets remaining and the projected number of tickets sold the previous day.
  5. Also check out the Prize Tables lower down the page. On the Prize Odds tab, we show the remaining prize odds based on daily ticket sales.
  6. Finally, the Prize Claims table shows how many tickets we estimate have been sold since the last prize was claimed, compared to the original stated odds.

All the hard work is done for you!


Tracking scratch off ticket sales is like counting cards at a blackjack table, helping you make informed choices and boosting your lottery “luck”. While it’s not a guarantee, it can certainly increase your chances of winning. So, the next time you’re eyeing a scratch-off ticket, consider using ticket sales tracking to your advantage, just as a savvy blackjack player counts cards to improve their odds of winning. Best of luck!

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