VA Lottery Online Best Bonus Code for 2023

By: LottoEdge

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Claim your VA Lottery online sign-up bonus and get a 50% match up to $100 on your first deposit plus 20 free games of Blackjack Doubler! 

Use PROMO CODE lottoedge to register your new account with Virginia iLottery and claim your 50% MATCH on your first deposit and 20 FREE GAMES of Blackjack Doubler today! Click through link to claim your match.

So, how do you maximize your bonus?

Easy peasy! There are only two main steps!

When you register your new account there’s a spot to fill in your PROMO CODE lottoedge. Once you’re registered, make sure your first deposit is $200 (or more) and you’ll get the maximum 50% match of $100. Then you’ll have $300 to play with PLUS your 20 FREE games of Blackjack Doubler.

Promo code LOTTOEDGE has been verified by the Virginia Lottery and ready to use!

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That’s right; you can get up to $100 for FREE and 20 FREE games of Blackjack Doubler just for registering with PROMO CODE lottoedge.

When was the last time you got something for free that you actually wanted?

The answer is RIGHT NOW when you register your VA Lottery online account today and claim your 50% match and 20 free games of Blackjack Doubler!

Use PROMO CODE lottoedge and claim your bonus today. What are you waiting for? This is an invitation for FREE MONEY!

How It Works

You must be 18 or older to play the Virginia Lottery online and register with PROMO CODE lottoedge. Once you register, you’ll be able to make your FIRST DEPOSIT which is what your 50% MATCH of UP TO $100 is based on.

To maximize that match, you must deposit $200 or more for your first deposit. There’s a minimum deposit of $10 to get a match and unlock the 20 FREE GAMES of Blackjack Doubler.

You must be physically in the state of VA during gameplay, and you can’t be related to any Virginia Lottery officials.

As part of our partnership with the VA iLottery, we’ve created a resource guide below where you can find some of the top FAQs about Virginia Lottery Online, read about fan-favorite games, and more.

Virginia Lottery Online FAQs

Is it safe to play the Virginia Lottery online?

Yes. The VA Lottery website uses industry best standards when verifying your age and identity.  All of your deposits and other account transactions are processed using high-level encryption for privacy and security.

Where do the profits from VA Lotto go?

Lottery lovers across Virginia are helping to support K-12 schools in the commonwealth every time they participate in a VA Lottery game. Typically, more than half the money that comes into the VA Lottery is returned to players as prizes. Most of the remaining money supports local K-12 schools, and a small portion compensates VA Lotto retailers and keeps the lottery itself running.

Do I have to live in Virginia to play the VA Lottery online?

Here’s the deal. You don’t have to be a resident of Virginia to play games and make purchases with VA Lottery online. However, you DO have to be physically in the state during online gameplay. Visitors to Virginia are welcome to play the online lottery while within the VA borders.

How do I withdraw winnings from my VA Lottery online account?

Virginia Lottery makes it a point to get your winnings to you as fast as possible.

Prizes of up to $100.00 are deposited into your online VA Lottery wallet right away. Prizes of $100.01-$600.00 are processed for an added level of verification & safety and then deposited into your online wallet. This usually takes a few minutes to a few hours. For prize amounts over $600, VA Lottery will send you an email to start the claim process (you’ll need to file a claim and show proof of ID). 

Withdrawals take approximately 3-5 business days to be processed and credited to your external bank account. The minimum amount you can withdraw is $10. Only winnings can be withdrawn from your online wallet. All deposits and bonuses have to be used for online play.

Can I withdraw the bonus match immediately after making a deposit?

No.  The bonus match is non-transferable, which means you must use the match dollars to play VA Lottery online; it can’t be exchanged for cash. You can withdraw the WINNINGS you earn from playing online games as soon as they’re credited to your online wallet.

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Virginia is more than a beautiful place to live. It’s a state where people don’t just play the lottery; they love the lottery! And lucky for them, Virginia Lottery online makes it easy to play anytime and offers tons of games to choose from.

Instant Win Games / Scratch Off Games

VA Lottery knows instant games deliver the fun and excitement at-home players are looking for. You’ll find tons of options to choose from, including classic reveal-style, progressive jackpot, and even crossword-style instant games. Check out some examples by clicking the game to play a free demo! Make sure to use PROMO CODE lottoedge when you register to play.

Draw Games

The thrill of imagining what we’d do if we won a draw game is one of our favorite pastimes. After all, half the fun of buying a draw ticket is dreaming big about what you’d do if all that money were suddenly yours. Right?

The VA Lottery online makes it easy to participate in all your favorite draw games with online ticket purchases for Mega Millions, Powerball, Cash4Life, Keno, Cash 5, Bank a Million, Pick 3, and Pick 4!

But the best part about playing VA Lotto draw games online is you’ll never have to miss another round because you forgot to buy a ticket.

Now you can purchase multiple drawings at a time or set up auto-renew to purchase all the draws for the next two weeks and enable auto-purchase so the system will continue buying tickets for you, as directed, every two weeks. All you’ll have to remember is to check your tickets for winners!

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A Quick Overview of Some Fan Favorites

Click on the name or image of any game to try a FREE DEMO before you risk real money!

Queen of Diamonds

Virginia iLottery Queen of Diamonds

Of course, we have to start this list with the ultimate fan favorite. Queen of Diamonds is a classic flip-to-reveal game where every card is a chance to cash in. Prizes abound with three ways to win. Finding the Queen herself earns you an instant prize. Finding three Golden Cards in the same game unlocks the War Bonus Game, where you try to draw a card higher than the Queen’s card to win. Find a Joker Card and unlock the Joker Bonus Game and win every prize shown!

Wager per round $.05-$2. Grand prize $60,000.

Gem Stacks

VA iLottery Gem Stacks

Three levels of fun await with Gem Stacks. Work to align clusters of three or more matching symbols to make the tiles shatter until you’ve cleared the board. Reveal a Clear Symbol to unlock the next level. Reveal a Bonus Symbol to unlock a Bonus Game. Collect four Multiplier Symbols and double your prize instantly!

Wager per round $.50-$20. Grand prize $100,000.

Blackjack Doubler

Virginia Lottery Blackjack Doubler

Blackjack is a favorite in most casinos, so it’s no surprise that the instant version makes our list of Fan Favorites. Try to beat the dealer if you think you can. Reveal two Gold Cards at the same time, and you’ll unlock the Bonus Game where you have a chance to win an even bigger prize!

Wager per round $.10-$2. Grand prize $50,000.

VIP Platinum

VA Lottery VIP Platinum

Match any of the Winning Numbers to a number on one of Your Tickets and win the prize shown. You decide how many tickets you have per game by selecting a set of 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25. Collect Platinum Coins to earn Extra Reveals and Gold Coins to level up your potential prize.

Wager per round $.05-$2. Grand prize $60,000.

Quick 6

Virginia iLottery Quick 6

Fans of draw games love that Quick 6 lets them replicate the feeling of classic draw-style games without the wait. Play your lucky numbers or use Quick Pick. Either way, you’ll find out if you’ve won instantly.

Wager per round $.05-$5. Grand prize $250,000.

What if I need extra help with my VA Lottery online account?

VA Lottery staffs their offices Monday-Friday from 8:30 am – 5:00 pm local time. Offices are closed in observance of Federal Holidays. They offer a Searchable FAQ that’s available online 24/7, or you can email them directly through their fillable form or call (804) 692-7777 during office hours.