A Scratch Off Secret to Find Overdue Top Prizes Waiting Just for You!

By: Jared James, Founder

Key Takeaways

  • Scratch games start with a fixed number of tickets printed and prizes.
  • The Percent of Prizes remaining is fairly consistent across prize levels.
  • Looking for percent remaining outliers can be your ticket to winning big!

Scratch-off lottery tickets offer instant excitement. But did you know there’s a simple strategy to increase your chances of finding those top prizes? Anyone can do it and it takes just a few minutes of your time. It’s time to reveal this expert tip!

Understanding Scratch-Off Games

Scratch-off games aren’t just about luck; there’s a bit of science behind them. Each game starts with a fixed number of tickets printed and prizes. As tickets get purchased and prizes claimed, the odds of finding a top prize can change.

One interesting nugget of knowledge, that will come into play shortly, is the percent of prizes remaining stays fairly consistent across prizes levels.  The percent of prizes remaining is simply how many prizes are remaining compared to the number at the start of a game. As tickets sell and prizes claimed, you will typically see a game’s total percent of prizes remaining mirror the percent remaining at each individual prize level.

However, one word of warning. Not every state lottery shares the number of prizes at the start of a game and prizes remaining. They may only share part of that information or even worse, only share information for certain prizes.

The Money Tip: Examining Remaining Prizes

Knowing that the percent of prizes remaining is fairly consistent across prizes, we can take advantage of this and look for top prizes that stick out.  Let’s take a look at a couple of examples.

In the below, the “% Prizes Remaining” are all fairly consistent with the overall 27% prizes remaining for the game. Nothing in this game would scream out that a top prize is overdue.  This doesn’t mean a top prize can’t hit, we just don’t see flashing red lights signaling this prize is way overdue!

Remaining Scratch Off Prizes with No Edge

But, let’s look at another game.  In the below game, we see the overall game has about 3% of prizes remaining and most prize levels are close to this.  However, if we look at the top prize it has 12% remaining, it’s 4x more than the game’s average! This game also looks like it close to ending soon with so few prizes remaining.

What this is telling us is only 3% of all prizes are left in this game and one of them is a mega $1,000,000 prize! In fact, looking at our Pro Membership Bonus Content, I know this game currently has odds to hit this $1MM prize at about 1 in 290,000. It would be a good time to take a chance on this game.

Remaining Scratch Off Prizes with a Player's Edge

While it’s no sure-fire signal, learning to look for these top prize outliers can be an easy way to spot overdue top prizes. Remember though, not every state shares enough data to do this game review.

The Power of LottoEdge Pro Membership

Manually checking each game’s remaining prizes can be tedious, but the LottoEdge Pro Membership does all that hard work for you. For many states, we track the estimated number of tickets remaining and when a top prize may be overdue.

Pro Members should check out the ranking “Most Improved Top Prize Odds” which will tell you the games with the Best Improvement to Top Prize Odds. These are games signaling they may be overdue. The more a prize’s current odds have improved, the better! We personally like games with at least a 50% improvement in the Top Prize Odds.

You can also check out “Top Prize Odds” for the list of games with the best odds to hit a top prize. With these rankings, you can quickly identify which games have the best odds to hit top prizes, putting valuable information right at your fingertips and saving you lots of time.


In the world of scratch-off lottery tickets, a little legwork can go a long way. By paying attention to the remaining prizes and utilizing tools like the LottoEdge Pro Membership, you can make informed decisions and boost your chances of striking gold!

Always remember, though, that the lottery is a game of chance, and there are no guarantees. Play responsibly!

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