How to Track Lottery Scratch Off Ticket Sales to Help You Win!

By: Jared James, Founder

The following is a transcript of the above video.

Hi and welcome. This is Jared the Founder here at LottoEdge.

Today I want to show you one of my favorite tools in LottoEdge and that is the scratch off ticket sales tracker. On a daily basis we analyze all available scratch off game information and we estimate how many tickets were sold the day before.

Let me show you where to find that information and under our scratch off section you can go either scratch off rankings or browse scratch-offs. I’m going to go to scratch off rankings. And you’re going to want to go ahead and click on any game available in your state here.

What you’re going to see here is we estimate the tickets sold yesterday. So the day before, we estimated about 4,000 tickets were sold for this game, Set for Life in Arizona. And what that’s going to tell us here is if we look down at the prize odds for this game and we can see here a $1,000 prize has about one in 1,000 odds.

So we would expect to have about four $1,000 prizes hit every day if the sales continue at this rate. That’s pretty good.

If we look at our $10,000 prize, we should expect to see one of these hit, maybe every four to five days, have a ten thousand dollar prize hit. And then of course, if we look at the $5,000,000 dollar top prize, we got a ways to go there on that.

But let me show you something that’s really cool. So this is when you’re looking at these prizes and you see how many tickets were sold daily, it’s how many days has it been since that prize last hit and how many tickets were sold since the last time that was hit.

And what’s really cool if you flip over to our prize claims tab that’s what we tell you here. So if we took a look at this $5,000,000 top prize, we estimate it’s been about 85 days since the last time this prize has been claimed and we’ve tracked and estimated about 389,000 tickets have been sold since that last claim.

Now the stated odds here, again this is an average, but the stated odds are about one every 886,000 tickets should have a $5 million prize. Again, just a reminder, that’s the average over the life of the game and it doesn’t mean every 886,000th ticket is a winner.

But looking at this we are only about 44% of the way up to our stated odds. So this prize could hit early but this is a game I would probably wait on a little bit more or try to find a different game that was maybe closer to being overdue.

Let me show you another game here I’m going to flip back over to our list here and I’ll jump down here to 50 Years, a Maryland game. And same thing here, I see that yesterday we estimated about 5,600 tickets were sold for this game. And we take a look again at our prize odds and we should expect to see you know a couple $1,000 prizes and but now here’s where it’s going to really get interesting. When I flip over to our prize claims, I can see that top prize of $5 million dollars, it’s been 162 days since we’ve last seen that $5 million prize hit. And we estimate about almost 1.4 million tickets have been sold since that last claim.

Now the stated odds that the lottery releases is about one in every 1.1 million tickets. So again, that’s an average, but if we look at that we’re over a 125% of what the stated odds are.

Meaning if we look at the stated odds of 1.1 million, we’re well over that at 1.4 million, so this is a game I would look at and say maybe we’re overdue for that $5 million dollar prize to hit. This is certainly a game I would take a look at if I were in the state of Maryland and looking for a top prize that I was chasing.

I’ll say it again, I’ve said it a couple times, but again the prize odds are not exact. So again, they’re the average over the life of a game, so sometimes the prizes are going to hit early compared to the stated odds and sometimes they’re going to hit late. If they’re running late that may be an indicator though that that prize is getting to be overdue.

All right well we appreciate tuning in and hope this helps. Have a good one!