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Latest Draw: Tue Dec 6

6 9 2
Fireball: 5

Next Drawing: Wed Dec 7

Latest Draw: Tue Dec 6

4 8 3
Fireball: 9

Next Drawing: Wed Dec 7

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How to improve your odds of winning dramatically.

What is NC Pick 3?

NC Pick 3 is a draw game where you try to pick three numbers between 0 and 9 that match the winning numbers drawn to win a cash prize.  You can also select Quick Pick and the random number generator will choose the numbers for you.  North Carolina Pick 3 has both a midday and evening drawing.

You are able to select the amount you want to play.  Choose either 50 cents or $1.  NC Pick 3 drawings are held seven days a week.  All NC Education Lottery results are available immediately after each drawing.

Add Sum It Up to your play for more chances to win.  Adding Sum It Up doubles the price of your base play ticket.

What are NC Pick 3 Draw Times?

Sales cut-off time is 2:45 pm for the daytime drawing and 10:59 pm for the night draw.  Draw times are approximately 15 minutes after the draw entry close.

 Draw Times
Sunday3:00 pm & 11:22 pm ET
Monday3:00 pm & 11:22 pm ET
Tuesday3:00 pm & 11:22 pm ET
Wednesday3:00 pm & 11:22 pm ET
Thursday3:00 pm & 11:22 pm ET
Friday3:00 pm & 11:22 pm ET
Saturday3:00 pm & 11:22 pm ET

How do I Play North Carolina Pick 3 Draw?


    Ask for a Quick Pick and let the lottery terminal select the numbers for you, or choose three numbers between 0 and 9.


    Pick one of six different play types: Exact, Any Order, 50/50 (Exact + Any), Combo, Pairs or 1-OFF.  Cash 3 tickets cost either 50 cents or $1 per play.


    You can play your numbers for up to 7 consecutive drawing dates on the same ticket. Just tell the cashier at the time of your purchase or mark the Multi Play box on your selection slip.


    Adding Sum It Up is an option that will double the price of your play ticket.  The sum of your played numbers must match the sum of the drawn numbers to win.  You do not have to match the Pick 3 numbers to win the Sum It Up.

What are the NC Pick 3 Play Types?

EXACT: Match the winning numbers in exact order to win.

ANY ORDER: Match the winning numbers in any order to win.

50/50 (Exact + Any): Combines Exact and Any Order plays so that you win either way the numbers are drawn.  If numbers match exactly, you win both prizes. 

COMBO: Pick three numbers and a Straight bet is placed on every possible three-digit combination of those numbers.  The ticket price is higher as more combinations are played. 

PAIRS: Match the first two numbers in exact order (front pair) or the last two numbers in exact order (back pair). 

1-OFF: You win a prize if one or more of the numbers you selected are one up or one down of the numbers drawn.

What Can I Win Playing Cash 3?

Play TypeOddsPrize ($1 Wager)
Straight (Exact)1 in 1,000$500
Any (3-Way)1 in 333.3$160
Any (6-Way)1 in 166.7$80
50 / 50 (3-Way)1 in 1,000 & 1 in 333.3Any $80 / Exact $330
50 / 50 (6-Way)1 in 1,000 & 1 in 166.7Any $40 / Exact $290
Front/Back Pairs1 in 100$50
3-Way Combo1 in 333.3$500
6-Way Combo1 in 166.7$500
1-Off (1 Digit)1 in 166.7$40
1-Off (2 Digits)1 in 83.3$10
1-Off (3 Digits)1 in 125$18

What Can I Win Playing Cash 3 Sum It Up?

Sum (3 Digits)OddsPrize ($1 Wager)
01 in 1,000$500
11 in 333$168
21 in 167$84
31 in 100$50
41 in 67$34
51 in 48$24
61 in 36$18
71 in 28$14
81 in 22$12
91 in 18$10
101 in 16$8
111 in 14$8
121 in 14$6
131 in 13$6
141 in 13$6
151 in 14$6
161 in 14$8
171 in 16$8
181 in 18$10
191 in 22$12
201 in 28$14
211 in 36$18
221 in 48$24
231 in 67$34
241 in 100$50
251 in 167$84
261 in 333$168
271 in 1,000$500

NC Pick 3 FAQs

Q: What is the NC Pick 3?

A: Pick 3 is a twice daily draw game where players select three numbers, each from 0 through 9 to win a top prize of $500 for a $1 straight play.

Q: How much do Pick 3 tickets cost?

A: Tickets cost 50 cents or $1 per play.

Q: Where and when can I play NC Pick 3?

A: You can play both Midday and Evening Pick 3 at all North Carolina Lottery retailers. Midday Draws take place at approximately 3:00 p.m. and evening draws at approximately 11:22 p.m.  Tickets for each drawing may be purchased up to 15 minutes (day draw) or 23 minutes (evening draw) prior to the next drawing.

Q: Do NC Pick 3 tickets expire?

A: Prizes must be claimed within 180 days of the draw date on which the prize was won.

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