Our Favorite Tips & Strategies for Choosing Scratch Off Tickets

By: Todd Betzold
Wheel Scratch Off Card Being Scratched

Key Takeaways

  • Setting a game plan and targeting realistic prizes can help players in making more informed choices.
  • It’s not always about winning the biggest prize, but you can enjoy the lottery more by picking prizes that mean something to you.
  • These three cool strategies – Most Improved Top Prize Odds, Prize Targeting/Prize Ranges, and ClaimersTM — are like secret weapons to help you win more.

In the world of lottery, scratch-off tickets offer a fun and quick way for players to try their luck. Choosing the right ticket can be both exciting and tricky, as the hope of finding a winning combination adds an element of surprise to the game.

To help you pick the best scratch-off tickets, we are sharing some simple tips and strategies. We’ll explore things like understanding the odds and discovering new ways to target prizes. Whether you play the lottery often or for just occasional fun, these tips will help you make smarter choices and have more enjoyment while playing scratch-off games.

Our Top 3 Tips for Choosing Scratch-Off Tickets

Picking the right scratch-off ticket can make winning prizes more likely and fun. We’ve got three helpful tips to make choosing easier. These tips are here to guide you through the different options so that playing the lottery is not only exciting but also gives you a good shot at winning cool prizes. Let’s jump into these tips that can make your scratch-off game more awesome and bring you closer to grabbing those winning prizes!

Tip 1: Set a Game Plan
Start by having a strategy and a specific prize in mind before you begin scratching. Don’t be the player who is looking to win “anything”. Knowing what prizes you’re aiming for helps you stay focused, find the right game and increases your chances of success.

Tip 2: Be Realistic with Prizes
This is often overlooked and rarely done by players. Winning $1MM would be amazing but would winning $1,000 or $10,000 or $100,000 make an impact on your life? For most people, you bet it would! Target a prize that would make a real difference in your life. And be realistic with your target. You don’t always have to aim for the biggest jackpot. Winning smaller to mid-level prizes can be meaningful for many people, and much easier to hit than going for the million dollars.

Tip 3: Check the Odds
Most people are only familiar with Overall Odds of a game. But not all scratch-off games have the same overall odds or even prize level odds. The odds to win a prize like $100 could be drastically from one ticket to the next. To boost your chances of winning, play the games that give you the best odds of winning the prizes you want. Understanding the odds can help you make informed decisions and increase your likelihood of hitting the jackpot or other desirable prizes. Make sure to check prize level odds before heading out to the store.

Our 3 Favorite Scratch-Off Rankings (Strategies)

There are countless ways of targeting scratch prizes and every player is different. Some players only target top prizes, some may love the frequent $100 hits or maybe you are looking for a win that will require a trip to a lottery claim center. We’ve got three of our favorite strategies for you to try that can make your lottery experience more exciting. These strategies will help you play smart and have more fun with scratch-offs!

  1. Most Improved Top Prize Odds – This strategy is our absolute favorite, but it requires a bit of patience. We compare the odds to win the top prize in each game and rank scratch-off games by which top prize has had the most improved odds of winning. You might not have even known prize odds change. Well they do and for top prizes, they can change daily. For example, a top prize might start with odds of 1 in 1,000,000 but after some time passes, the odds may have improved to 1 in 200,000. That is a huge improvement to win so you can see why we LOVE this ranking. PRO TIP – Typically, the top-ranked games in this category are older ones with an overlooked top prize. Keep in mind that there may not be many tickets left, so you might need to search for a retailer that still carries them.
  2. Prize Targeting / Prize Ranges – We have multiple rankings in this category as these rankings provide instant information on which games have the best odds of winning specific prizes, such as $100, $500 or $10,000. We also have prize range rankings which are especially handy for targeting prizes within a certain dollar range, like aiming for prizes between $10,000 and $50,000. These rankings are awesome for the player who has a prize in mind and wants the best odds to hit.
  3. ClaimersTM – This is one of our free rankings. ClaimersTM are any prizes that are too big to be claimed at a regular lottery retailer and require a trip to a lottery claim center. In most states, this applies to prizes of $600 and up. Our ClaimersTM ranking helps you identify which games offer the best chances of winning a highly coveted prize that requires a visit to a lottery claim center to collect your winnings!

These are just some of the awesome strategies that can make playing scratch-off tickets way more exciting! If you’re eager to up your chances of winning, combine these tips and strategies to help you play smarter and have a blast with your lottery experience.


There you have it — the scoop on making scratch-off games even more exciting! Whether you’re a regular lottery player or just like trying your luck for fun, this article shared our favorite tips to help you pick the best scratch-off tickets. We covered stuff like understanding the odds and choosing prizes that really matter to you. Plus, we threw in our top three tips for selecting scratch-offs, like having a game plan and checking the odds.

Then, we dived into three cool strategies — Most Improved Top Prize Odds, Prize Targeting/Prize Ranges and ClaimersTM — all designed to boost your chances of winning and make playing scratch-offs way more enjoyable. So, with these tips and strategies in your pocket, go out there, have fun and maybe even snag those winning prizes!

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