Can You Claim the Lottery Anonymously in California?

By: Jared James, Founder

When you take the time to ponder winning it big in the lottery, you start to wonder what California Lottery laws are like. One of the first questions that usually comes to mind is – if I win, can I remain anonymous?

The short answer is no; California Lottery winners don’t get the option of submitting a claim as anonymous.

Can I Claim My Prize with a Trust Instead?

Some states will allow you to claim your lottery winnings using a trust instead of an individual for at least a little privacy, but California is not one of them. There are some California Lottery privacy laws in place. Still, a significant amount of your info will become public record as soon as you submit a claim.

What Information Will They Disclose?

The CA Lottery considers the following matters of public record and subject to disclosure:

  • Your full name
  • Location of the retailer who sold you the winning ticket
  • Date you won
  • Amount of your winnings (both gross and net)
  • Any installment payment arrangements

It’s about as far from being an anonymous a lottery winner as you can get. However, beyond the information listed above and required for public record, the CA Lottery won’t share any other identifying information about you without your explicit permission or unless they are legally compelled and required to (by law enforcement, for example).

Has All This Claim Talk Got You Dreaming of Winning Big?

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