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What is Colorado Cash 5?

Colorado Cash 5 is a draw game where the goal is to match your numbers to the numbers selected in the drawing to win cash prizes.

Five numbered balls are drawn from 1 to 32. If all your numbers match the drawn numbers, you win the jackpot.

Each Colorado Cash 5 ticket is $1 and drawings are held daily at approximately 7:35pm MT.  Must be 18 to buy.  For an extra $1, you can add EZ Match to win instantly.

What are Colorado Cash 5 Draw Times?

Sales cut-off time is 7:35 pm MT.  Draw time is immediately after the draw entry close.

Draw Times
7:35 pm MT
7:35 pm MT
7:35 pm MT
7:35 pm MT
7:35 pm MT
7:35 pm MT
7:35 pm MT

How do I Play CO Cash 5?

PICK YOUR NUMBERS: Select 5 numbers from 1 to 32. Use a playslip to mark your numbers or mark the Quick Pick (QP) box to randomly select any or all of your numbers for each play.

BUY YOUR TICKET: Cash 5 tickets cost $1 per play.  You can add EZ Match to win instantly for an additional $1.

PLAY MULTIPLE DRAWINGS: You can play your numbers for up to 13 weeks (91 consecutive drawings) on the same ticket. Just tell the cashier at the time of your purchase or mark the Advance Play box on your selection slip.

What Can I Win Playing CO Cash Five?

Matching Numbers
5 Balls
1 in 201,376
4 Balls
1 in 1,492
3 Balls
1 in 57
2 Balls
1 in 7

Overall odds of winning are 1 in 6.2.

EZ Match Payout
1 in 42,000
1 in 42,000
1 in 21,000
1 in 2,800
1 in 1,680
1 in 840
1 in 168
1 in 105
1 in 76
1 in 17
1 in 10

Overall odds of winning are 1 in 5.22.

CO Cash 5 FAQs

Q: What is Advance Play?

A: Advance Play allows you to purchase up to 13 weeks of tickets at one time (91 draws for Cash 5).  Check the Advance Play box on your play slip and then tell your retailer how many draws you’d like to play. The same numbers will be used for all of the drawings you request. You can check your ticket after all your drawings have been conducted and collect your winnings at once, or collect them as you go along. If you choose to collect your winnings after each drawing you win, be sure you get a replacement ticket.

Q: How many plays will fit on a play slip?

A: If you complete a play slip, up to five bets/plays will print on the ticket. Up to 10/bets/plays will print on a ticket if you request a Quick Pick from the retailer.

Q: Can a CO Cash 5 ticket be cancelled?

A: Tickets can be cancelled within one-hour of purchase, before the store closes, or before the Lottery system shut-off, whichever occurs first. Tickets must be cancelled at the terminal where purchased.

Q: Where are the Cash 5 drawings held?

A: Drawings for Cash 5 are conducted on computers called an ADM (Automated Drawing Machine).  The ADM is a stand-alone computer which is not connected to any network or other systems and is locked in a secure room.  The ADM is certified by the manufacture for randomness and is independently verified by a third party auditor.  To ensure the integrity of each drawing, an independent certified public accountant (auditor) is present at every drawing.

Q: What percentage of players choose Quick Pick tickets vs picking their own numbers?

A: In Colorado, about 80 percent of purchases are Quick Picks.

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