How to Play the Florida Lottery: Tips to Finding Your Next Game

By: Grace Gilrane
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Key Takeaways

  • Florida Lottery tickets cannot be purchased online
  • Scratch Offs typically have better odds of winning than draw games
  • Higher priced scratch offs have better payouts

If you’re looking for your best chances at winning the lottery it’s a good idea to be up to date on all the latest details about where you’re playing. So, if you’re playing in the sunshine state of Florida keep on reading because Lotto Edge has everything you need to know. 

Florida Lottery Tickets: How to Buy Them

The first order of business when playing the lottery is understanding where you can purchase them. Each state has different rules for where you can buy your lottery tickets.

While digital methods of purchasing lottery tickets have become more common, in Florida, lottery tickets can only be purchased at a physical lottery retailer. Lottery tickets are available to purchase in store but NOT via courier or online yet.

Florida Lottery Odds: Chance of Winning

Powerball$21 in 24.9
Cash4Life$21 in 7.76
FL Pick 2$0.50 or $1.001 in 100 (Exact)
FL Mega Millions$21 in 24
Florida Jackpot Triple Play$11 in 15.24
Florida Fantasy 5$11 in 7.58
FL Lotto$21 in 7.61
FL Pick 4$0.50 or $1.001 in 10,000 (Exact)
Florida Pick 5$0.50 or $1.001 in 100,000 (Exact)
Florida Pick 3$0.50 or $1.001 in 1,000 (Exact)
FL Cash Pop$1, $2, or $51 in 15
FL Scratch Offs$1 – $50Best Odds Award
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When going about purchasing your lottery ticket, strategy can be involved in choosing what game to play. There are a variety of lottery games to purchase and play in the state of Florida and each have differing odds of winning.

The odds range from being 1 in 100,000 to 1 in 7.76 for draw games and are even lower for scratch offs.

To see a breakdown of all the odds for lottery games in the state of Florida check out the table above for a full analysis. The odds vary by game but as a general rule of thumb, scratch offs will have your best odds of winning.

Florida Lottery Payouts: How Much Can You Win

Another question you may have about the Florida lottery is how much can you win? What do the payouts look like?

Let’s start with scratch offs. Depending on which scratch game you end up playing, there can be a variety of payouts for winning. A general rule when it comes to scratch off games is the more expensive the ticket, the bigger the prize payout.

Now, what about draw games? Draw games also have a variety of different payouts. These are often based on whether or not the games have progressive jackpots of fixed prizes.

A progressive jackpot increases every time the game is played but no one wins. For games with fixed prizes there is a set amount awarded for each time the game is played and won. The games with the biggest jackpots are two of the more recognizable names in lottery games, Powerball and Mega Millions.