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Top 10 NJ Lottery Scratch Off Tickets with Best Overall Odds (Sept 2019)

Top 10 NJ Lottery scratch off tickets ranked by Best Overall Odds as of September 2019.RankGame NameGame #Ticket PriceOverall Odds1200X The Money Bonus01566$301 in 3.432$5,000,000 Lucky 7s01485$301 in 3.463Hit $2,000!01573$201 in 3.614$200 Million Cash Bonanza01437$301 in 3.625Instant Cash Millionaire01459$201 in 3.636Mega Crossword01527$201 in 3.657Mega Crossword01577$201 in 3.658Backstage Pass to Cash01474$21 in 3.659$2,000,000 Lucky 7s01506$201 in […]

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lotto Edge?

Lotto Edge is an online, easy-to-use platform providing users with the most up-to-date odds for lottery scratch-off cards throughout the United States. Information is updated every 24-hours. Using advanced technology and our own proprietary software, we analyze every scratch-off, every prize, every day so you know which tickets are the best to buy. Click here to watch our introductory video.

How does Lotto Edge work?

Most lottery “systems” are just big black holes surrounded in mystery and empty promises. You are never told “how” their systems work and you’re just sold dreams of easy money.

Lotto Edge is different. Our process is based on actual data and mathematical calculations. We analyze the odds of winning every prize in every game, every day. We look at the expected redemption rates of prizes compared to actual game redemptions. Using this updated data, we are able to:

  • Rank the best tickets to purchase
  • Find trends
  • Identify when particular prizes may be due to hit
Does Lotto Edge guarantee I will win the lottery?

No. No one can guarantee you will win the lottery. But Lotto Edge gives you a proven advantage (based on mathematical calculations) to help improve your chances of winning. We do not guarantee you will win.

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